Regidron children - is prescribed for diarrhea

rehydron children Regidron can be given to children of any age.But young children, especially if they are registered at the neurologist, it is better to do it on prescription.The fact that salt solutions can contribute to increased intracranial pressure, children with various kinds of disorders of the nervous system that occur during pregnancy and childbirth, often suffer from headaches Headache: causes and complications Headache: causes and complications due to violation of the intracranial pressure.

Regidron and digestive disorders in the child

dehydration in a child usually begins with the appearance of vomiting and loose stool.If the child is not suffering too, no high temperature and uncontrollable vomiting, the most likely cause is some kind of digestive disorders.This error may be power consumption of some new food and so on.

If the child suffers from diarrhea from birth, it is likely this is due to some enzyme deficiency, such as a lack or absence of the enzyme, decomposing milk sugar (lactose).When permanent loss of fluid and the baby with her basic salts that maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, suffer from the overall development of the child.He lags behind in weight, due to a lack of potassium affects all muscles, striated and smooth, including the heart muscle and kidney.These Delhi sluggish, apathetic, late start walking.

will help in this case, the identification of the type of digestive disorders and its correction.Including as part of comprehensive treatment is sometimes prescribed rehydron - a drug that restores the water-salt metabolism.Independently rehydron give the child in such cases it is not necessary: ​​First, you must find out what has caused the violation of the digestive system, and secondly, in children under one year is often increased intracranial pressure, which by Regidron rise even higher.

Regidroi and intestinal infections in children

But more often cause dehydration of the child is an intestinal infection.In children, it usually occurs rapidly and more severely than adults.The disease can begin with high fever, vomiting and diarrhea, in this case, the child is best treated in a hospital, as at any moment the child may become critical and will need extra help.

small rise in temperature, which is accompanied by infrequent vomiting and loose stool also speaks of an intestinal infection.Such a condition in children after a year can be treated on an outpatient basis, but only under medical supervision.Independently parents treat an intestinal infection in a child can not - it is fraught with very serious consequences.

Regidron can start giving your child before the doctor arrived.But it is necessary to call a doctor.Regidron in this case make up the loss of fluids and salts and improve the child's condition.But one Regidron Regidron - will help restore the water-salt balance Regidron - will help restore the water-salt balance in intestinal infection is small, it appointed a complex treatment, which, according to the child's condition may include diet, enzymes, antibiotics and others.

How to prepare and give the child a solution Regidron

Regidron comes in powder form in sachets.Each sachet contains sodium chloride - 3.5 g Sodium citrate - 2.9 g, potassium chloride 2.5 g glucose Glucose: power source Glucose: The energy source as anhydride - 10.0 g Toprigotorit solution sachet must dissolve in a liter of boiled and cooled water.Store this solution can only for days in a cool place (e.g. in a refrigerator).

Until the doctor came, give the child a rehydron teaspoonful every 3-5 minutes.If vomiting does not stop and the baby continues to lose fluid, you can try to give a solution of even smaller doses and at long intervals.

If a child with intestinal infection gets to the hospital, where his first weighed.After that, the number of designated liquid (you can give your baby inside, and can be administered intravenously) is equal to twice the fluid loss.

on an outpatient basis to weigh the baby does not always work, so the doctor usually appoints Regidron solution at the rate of 60 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the child for six hours.Babies under one year of rehydron give half or one tea spoon every 3-5 minutes.If the child is vomiting, may be given two teaspoons.

When a child can not be given rehydron

Contraindications Regidron children are the same as in adults: idiosyncrasy components of the drug, severe kidney disease in violation of their function, diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurabledisease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease , intestinal obstruction, and unconsciousness.

wary rehydron be given to children under one year with perinatal (obtained during pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal period) brain lesions are prone to increased intracranial pressure.

Galina Romanenko