Anaferon children - child protection from infection

anaferon children Anaferon children different from Anaferon mixture dilutions.It was found that the mixture of dilution in Anaferon Anaferon - activates antiviral immunity Anaferon - activates antiviral immunity more suitable for the treatment of adults than children, and the mixture dilutions Anaferon child is more suitable for the treatment of children.In this small children will not be given portion of the tablet - the effectiveness of treatment is not related to dose.

Anaferon child - how it works

Anaferon children are made on the basis of the preparation of homeopathic remedies.It provides ultralow doses of antibodies to the antiviral protein interferon.It is found that such ultra low dose interferon not neutralized, but rather stimulate the synthesis and its activity as regulators affect intracellular immunity - cytokines.

immunoglobulin antibodies prepared by immunization of rabbits with recombinant human gamma interferon.Then isolated from the blood of rabbits antibodies to gamma interferon from human simultaneous cleaning of all kinds of impurities.The next step - potentiation procedure: the resulting solution was diluted with the desired number of times a hydroalcoholic solution at the rate of one part solution to 99 parts Antibody Diluent.

Anaferon has antiviral activity and stimulates the immune system, so it can be used as in viral and in any other (especially bacterial) infections.

When children prescribed anaferon

Despite the fact that the effectiveness of many Anaferon doubt, pediatricians love this drug and oftenprescribe it for any infections in children.Especially effective anaferon acute respiratory viral infections in children and intestinal infections of viral origin, as the vast multiplication of viruses in tissues.

However, it is often prescribed for bacterial, fungal infections, and infections caused by protozoa to stimulate general immunity - it makes it easier to cope with the effect of any infectious agent.

Effective children anaferon varicella and infectious mononucleosis caused by herpes viruses, tsitomegelovirusnoy infection.Perhaps the use of child Anaferon in the complex therapy for the treatment of various forms of herpes infections in children caused by herpes simplex viruses Herpes simplex - actually not so simple Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple .

to stimulate the immune system it is administered frequently and chronically ill children with reduced immunity.

How to take

Older children take anaferon by sucking in the mouth.Children up to three years previously tablet dissolved in a small amount of boiled water at room temperature.Babies anaferon better to take on prescription, not because it has toxic properties, but in order not to miss a serious illness in a child.

acute respiratory viral infections, neuroinfections, intestinal infections of viral origin is recommended to start treatment as early as possible.Thus children of all ages are assigned the same dose child Anaferon (preparation is nedozozavisimym) in the first two hours after beginning the treatment it received on tablet every 30 minutes, then three more times throughout the tablet during the first day at regular intervals.On the second day anaferon children begin to take on a tablet three times a day and take as to the recovery.

To prevent a viral disease in the midst of the epidemic, and to strengthen the immune Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system anaferon take children on a specially designed circuit manufacturer.For epidemic-prone season held two three-month course of treatment with this drug with a monthly break.The first course - October, November, December, one tablet per day, a break in January and another three-month course on a tablet a day.Sometimes children anaferon assigned as individual courses of treatment and prevention.

individual rate of child Anaferon appointed and in the treatment of immunodeficiency states.

Do you have children Anaferon contraindications and side effects

this drug is contraindicated only if you are hypersensitive to it.Do not appoint him and the children of the first month of life.Precautions should be prescribed for children anaferon children with diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease and enzyme deficiency - deficiency of the enzyme lactase to decompose lactose (milk sugar lactose is excipient in tablets children Anaferon).

Side effects of child Anaferon known only to allergic reactions, which are very rare.

Children anaferon can speed up recovery of the child in infections of any origin, but in viral infections it is more effective.

Galina Romanenko