Dry cough in infants: must be treated only by a doctor

dry cough grudnichka Dry cough in infants dangerously fast transfer in the wet.If an adult or a child of preschool and school-age children may cough up sputum, you do not grudnichok able and abundantly released sputum can completely fill the bronchial tubes, preventing the child breathe.

What you should pay attention to parents

child up to one year may be treated only by a doctor.This is especially true of cough as a child is not able to cough.But parents can help the child, if you pay attention to the features of cough, and then describe in detail all of the doctor.The nature of the cough and that the doctor will hear, listening to the lungs depends on the treatment.So what you need to pay attention to?

First of all, we should pay attention to the nature of the cough.Very dangerous sonorous barking cough.This is the first sign of inflammation of the larynx.In the area of ​​the larynx are the vocal cords, which normally takes a good air.But if the vocal cords become inflamed and swollen, it closes the gap between them and breathable - it leads to suffocation.Voiced barking cough in this case is replaced by a husky, and the child begins to choke.

Another type of dry cough - not a shrill, superficial, often accompanied by tears - a sign of inflammation of the throat - cough at the same time painful.Deeper and deaf dry cough dry cough - whether to worry about it? Dry cough - whether to worry about it? says the defeat of the lower airways - the bronchi and lungs.To distinguish one from the other is sometimes difficult even for a doctor.Therefore, parents should pay attention to how the baby suckles and takes other foods - this is very important as the first sign of trouble at the baby baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger a refusal of food.It is important the child's behavior: how it differs from the usual: he excited or, on the contrary, sluggish as sleeping.

All this information will help the doctor make the correct diagnosis and decide on treatment.

Dry cough with acute laryngitis - how to help?

if the child has a barking cough, rolling in a hoarse with shortness of breath (the child inflates the wings of the nose, but breathes air with difficulty, whistling), it makes no sense to wait for a doctor, you need to call an ambulance.In the meantime, ambulance rides, stops the child may be omitted in a moderately hot water (unless the child has a high temperature).This will cause a rush of blood to the feet and the outflow from her throat that quickly relieve swelling.

But rejoice too early, it takes a while swelling, so an ambulance should be called necessary.Emergency doctor can introduce your child to the drug, reduces swelling of tissue, for example, some antihistamines.If the doctor suggests a child hospitalized, it is not necessary to give: laryngeal edema may increase quickly and suddenly, so it is best at this dangerous time to be where the child can really help.

Today in hospital laryngeal edema often removed by means of inhalation.As a nebulizer device is used, which takes the drug solution into a spray, easily penetrating into the surface layers of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.For rapid removal of edema using glucocorticoid hormones (prednisolone, dexamethasone Dexamethasone - one of the most effective glucocorticoids Dexamethasone - one of the most effective glucocorticosteroids and others) with saline.A feature of laryngitis is that once started, they can be repeated at every colds, so this child needs to be protected from the colds and viral infections.

dry cough as a symptom of bronchitis and pneumonia

bronchitis and pneumonia in the baby most often a complication of viral infections.A sign of this complication can be repeated temperature rise, after the child's condition initially improved, and compulsive dry coughing.These symptoms need to pay special attention to their appearance and immediately call a doctor to the house.

in the lungs of such a child is not always possible to hear wheezing, so it is important a detailed story about the mother how the disease occurs.If you suspect pneumonia Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes child up to a year is sent to the hospital, because he needs intensive examination and treatment.

Acute bronchitis in a child up to a year as the disease is not easy, since he can not cough, bronchitis, and therefore sometimes treated in the hospital.Antibiotics (usually a complication of bacterial in nature) are appointed directly, usually a broad spectrum of action.When dry cough turns into moist, conducted microbiological research in order to identify the infectious agent and its sensitivity to antibiotics.If necessary, treatment is adjusted.

methods convert into a wet cough in a young child with great care, every day listening to the lungs.If there is too much mucus, expectorants overturned.

In some cases, compulsive dry coughing requires a little overwhelming - there are tools, such as drops for oral administration sinekod permitted to apply to two months.

In any case, a dry cough in infants should be treated by the doctor.

Galina Romanenko