Atarax children - the appointment strictly on the evidence

Atarax children Atarax - a drug that calms, relieves emotional stress, mental and motor agitation.For the treatment of children is especially important that Atarax relieves itching and suppresses allergic reactions, so it is often prescribed for allergies in children.

atarax effect on the child

Moms sometimes forget that it is not necessary to engage in self-medicate, and give the child medication on their own.Some medications, such as fever, you can really give a child to the doctor arrived.But there are drugs that absolutely can not give the child without a doctor's prescription.These drugs include Atarax.

Atarax belongs to the group of tranquilizers or anxiolytics - tools that remove fears, anxiety and emotional stress.This drug is a derivative of piperazine - anthelmintic agent which paralyzes the muscles of the helminth.Atarax also has a significant impact on the child's muscles, relaxing her.Relaxation of skeletal muscles can lead to lethargy and smooth - a reduction of spasms of internal organs and blood vessels.

One of the major therapeutic effects atarax is its ability to inhibit the ability of histamine receptors sensitive tissues (H1-receptor) perceive histamine.This leads to the fact that the histamine, which is the main active ingredient of allergic reactions, does not go into the seat of allergy and allergic response, or does not develop, or develops to a lesser extent (antihistaminic action).Atarax relieves itching, bronchospasm and other symptoms of allergic reactions in children.

Pediatricians and pediatric neurologists know that the child's body may react to a particular drug is not the case, as stated in the instructions, so Atarax should be used onlyunder the supervision of a doctor who can tell the wrong response and time to adjust treatment.

Which diseases in children prescribed

Atarax Atarax is used for the treatment of various diseases in children from one year.

combination soothes, relieves fears and anti-histamine effect did Atarax indispensable in the treatment of allergic diseases in children.The earliest manifestations of allergies are allergic skin reaction.They may appear in two or three months age.In this case we speak of congenital allergy (atopy).

Atopic dermatitis Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin? Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin? a young child can take place very hard, not giving him anything to eat or sleep.To treat this disease is very difficult, you need a comprehensive, individually tailored treatment.The structure of the complex treatment of the child after a year may include Atarax.It removes itching, soothe the child, allow him to sleep.The normal state of the nervous system will help to improve the general condition of the child.

In a later age at preschool children, atopic dermatitis may go to other forms of allergy, including asthma.In this disease, Atarax is particularly effective, as it has on the one hand antihistamine effect and suppresses allergic reactions, on the other hand helps to relax the smooth muscles of the bronchi (bronchospasm is removed).It also soothes and relieves the fears of the child, which is very important: a bronchospasm attack can begin the stress and high nervous and mental stress.

Atarax is prescribed for children with long-term illnesses occurring when this background, they develop neurotic states.Neuroses and neurotic conditions can significantly worsen any disease in the child, the child calms Atarax, reduces fear and anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? , restores normal sleep.Sometimes Atarax is prescribed to children suffering from mental illnesses Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? , increased excitability and motor activity.

before the upcoming surgery Atarax give a child in order to calm - it is part of the pre-medication - drug preparation for surgery.Kids can assign Atarax tablets or syrup, but syrup in our country is not seen.


Atarax should not be administered to the child if his body shows an increased sensitivity to the components of this drug.Do not appoint him to a year, although some doctors assume this responsibility in the event of an emergency.You can not assign Atarax Atarax - to relieve anxiety Atarax - to relieve feelings of anxiety child with porphyria, as Atarax decomposed in the liver, and this body is undergoing significant changes in the porphyria.Atarax tablets contain lactose, so it is not indicated for children with lactase deficiency (lack the enzyme to digest the milk sugar - lactose) and malabsorption - malabsorption of simple carbohydrates in the small intestine.


atarax overdose in a child is possible.The mother should alert symptoms such as sudden lethargy or, on the contrary, the unnatural excitement child shake handles, convulsions, loss of consciousness.

If you suspect an overdose, you should immediately call an ambulance, and while she was going to try to induce vomiting in a child by pressing his finger on the root of the tongue.When a serious condition of the child is hospitalized.

Galina Romanenko