Enterofuril - suspension for the treatment of intestinal infections in children

Enterofuril suspension intestinal infections in children should be treated only under medical supervision.Independently parents can give their child Enterofuril - the consequences could be very serious, because the child's body carries heavier intoxication and dehydration, which can occur when intestinal infection.

Enterofuril in suspension - how it works

active substance is Enterofuril nifuroxazide - intestinal antiseptic broad-spectrum drug nitrofuran series, which is used in the treatment of intestinal infections.Enterofuril is available in capsule form (they are usually prescribed for adults) and suspension, which is used to treat children.In addition to the active part of the suspension of the active substance (nifuroxazide) are auxiliaries - sucrose, sodium hydroxide, sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate, 96˚ ethyl alcohol, carbomer, citric acid, flavoring banana Bananas: benefit and harm to health Bananas: the benefits and harms health , distilled water.

Enterofuril suspension is a thick yellow mass with a smell of banana.It is produced in dark glass bottles of 90 ml, to which was attached a special measuring spoon with marks 5 and 2.5 ml.In 5 ml of suspension contains 200 mg Enterofuril nifuroxazide.

Enterofuril in suspension has a nice flavor and well tolerated in children.Field of receiving the slurry into it enters the gastrointestinal tract, providing an antimicrobial effect in the intestine.The blood suspension is soaked up, it operates mainly locally, and then excreted in the feces.The drug has no irritating effect on the intestinal wall, and even long-term use does not cause discomfort.

Once in the intestine, Enterofuril suspension, depending on the dose bacteriostatic (inhibits vital functions) or bactericidal (killing) effect on intestinal infection pathogens without causingwith no side effects.The only side effect of this drug can only be allergic reactions, which are rare.

Enterofuril suspension mechanism of action is associated with the suppression of biochemical processes in the cells of pathogenic bacteria, which leads to their destruction.

interesting that the normal intestinal microflora Enterofuril Enterofuril - help with the intestinal infection Enterofuril - help with the intestinal infection not suppress, thus causing no dysbiosis - a characteristic effects of antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? .

sensitivity enterofurilu show almost all gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens that can cause an intestinal infection - different types of E. coli, staphylococci, streptococci, Proteus, Salmonella Salmonella : unknown facts Salmonella: unknown facts , Shigella, and so on.Therefore, the suspension Enterofuril today almost always assigned at the beginning of the disease.

Terms purpose

suspension Enterofuril assigned mainly to children.If intestinal infection occurs in a child is not heavy, it Enterofuril prescribed concurrently with ingestion of water-salt solution to prevent dehydration.

But in severe intestinal infections suspension Enterofuril have to be combined with the use of antibiotics and intravenous saline solutions.With simultaneous use of antibiotics and Enterofuril Enterofuril helps reduce side effects of the latter in the form of dysbiosis, as antibiotics suppress the vital activity of the normal intestinal flora, while Enterofuril contributes to its restoration.

suspension Enterofuril sometimes prescribed for chronic enterocolitis in children.The course of treatment is carried out during the exacerbation of the disease and is part of the comprehensive treatment of the disease.Assign Enterofuril suspension and for the prevention of exacerbations.

How to take

Enterofuril The suspension should appoint a doctor baby, adhering to the manufacturer's recommended dosage.Before use, shake the bottle and the slurry is metered slurry using the measuring spoon.

children from one month to two years only applies suspension Enterofuril, older children can also be used capsules.

Side effects and contraindications

suspension Enterofuril Side effects occur only in the form of allergic reactions.You can not use the suspension only if its Enterofuril are hypersensitive and children in the neonatal period (before the execution of months of age).With special care appoint suspension Enterofuril premature babies.

suspension Enterofuril help cope with the intestinal infection in children, but to appoint her child can only be a pediatrician.

Galina Romanenko