Jodomarin for children - used to prevent iodine deficiency diseases and conditions

jodomarin children Jodomarin - a drug that contains iodine - a mineral necessary for the proper development of the child.Since in our country in most regions revealed a lack of iodine in the environment, and therefore in the plants and animals that are food for human jodomarin often given to children as a prophylactic measure.

What are the symptoms of iodine deficiency in a child

from iodine deficiency child may suffer even in utero, if there was not enough iodine in the body of the mother.This often leads to the birth of mentally retarded children and children with various developmental abnormalities.

in preschool and school-age iodine deficiency is manifested by lethargy, apathy, drowsiness, reduced memory and intelligence.

Why is this happening?The fact that iodine is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, which have a full effect on the body.Under their influence is carried out all the biochemical processes that make up the metabolism and it can not affect the status of all organs and body systems.

A child of the main "target" with a lack of iodine (ie thyroid hormone) is the brain.Lethargy, drowsiness and lack of interest in anything else - is the lack of impact of the stimulating effect of thyroid hormones Thyroid hormones: mechanism of action and physiological effects Thyroid hormones: mechanism of action and physiological effects on the brain.

difficult to assess the damage that causes students iodine deficiency - it is able to reverse the fate of the little man, depriving him of his education, the desire to get an interesting profession and to achieve success in life.

That is why the World Health Organization (WHO), more than twenty years ago, announced that the majority of children in the world suffer from iodine deficiency.This fully applies to our country, where iodine deficiency is detected in most regions.

Therefore designed circuit prevention of iodine deficiency in children, which include preventive measures relating to the entire child population of disadvantaged regions of the iodine content, but above all such activities should be carried out in high-risk groups.

Which children are at risk of developing iodine deficiency disorders

risk groups include:

  • babies who are bottle-fed, but do not get enriched with iodine nutritional formula;
  • children from one year to four years do not consume iodized products (almost all children is as iodinated products for this age group have not performed);
  • children of preschool and school-age children who are sick, are lagging behind in the physical and psychological development, poorly in school;
  • children who have close relatives suffering from endemic goiter Endemic goiter - if not enough iodine Endemic goiter - if not enough iodine ;
  • teenagers from 11 to 18 years - at this time the body needs increased amounts of iodine and so can be taken continuously jodomarin;
  • children after treatment of endemic goiter;
  • children living in the contaminated areas;In this case, the iodine coming from jodomarin Jodomarin - will fill the deficit of iodine in the body Jodomarin - will fill the deficit of iodine in the body , prevents Exposure to radioactive iodine.

Appointment jodomarin children prophylactically

If a child under one year receiving the chest, and the mother receives a daily 200 micrograms jodomarin, the additional prescribing iodine it is not required.

If a child under one year is on artificial feeding, in its ready to use nutrient mixture should contain at least 100 micrograms of iodine per liter.If the iodine contained in the mixture is less then desirable to carry out more preventive jodomarin, while the dosage must appoint a physician.

In order to prevent endemic goiter children under the age of twelve years jodomarin appoint 50-100 mg per day.From 12 to 18 years - 100-200 mg per day.Apply it long courses, for example, a teenager from 11 to 18 years without a break.

In what cases can not be used in children jodomarin

Children usually few contraindications for the prevention of iodine deficiency disorders.First of all, individual intolerance of components, increased thyroid function thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones (in children is quite rare, but it occurs), and treatment of various diseases (often cancer) withradioactive iodine.

overdose when using preventive doses jodomarin does not happen, does not occur at the same time and yodizma - chronic intoxication iodine.

Jodomarin needs children living in disadvantaged on the content of iodine in the environment of the region.Assigns preventive courses jodomarin doctor.It also determines the duration of his admission.Parents need to know that iodine is one of the most necessary for the proper physical and psychological development of the child minerals.

Galina Romanenko