Thrush in the newborn - you need to know the mother

Thrush in infants In newborns and infants often develops fungal origin stomatitis (thrush).This disease is not rare, especially when you consider that the infection can occur at non-observance of hygienic measures during feeding baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice .This expectant mothers need to tell the school mothers woman to get all the information on this issue, and it was possible to prevent the occurrence of thrush.


Newborn Thrush can appear as a result of various factors.The most common cause is a failure to comply with hygiene standards when a mother breast-feeding a baby.A woman can be candidiasis skin lesions of breast, so the child is the most favorable way for infection.Pacifiers, spoons and even children's toys, and all things that are a little kid trying to "taste" can also cause the appearance of thrush in the mouth.Every mother should understand that all of the items and toddler toys should be neat and properly treated to eliminate this route of infection by the fungus.

newborn can be infected during childbirth.Just in the process of giving birth there is an infection in the event that a pregnant woman had vaginal candidiasis, and she underwent a course of treatment necessary.From this perspective, any inflammatory diseases in the genital tract in pregnant should be treated before the onset of labor.It is advisable to undergo such treatment based on microbiological characteristics of the causative agent, which can be obtained on the results of bacteriological study of vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge: normal or disease? Vaginal discharge: normal or disease? .Taking into account the gestational age allowed the appointment of drugs, including antibiotics.With pregnant should be held explanatory conversation, and explained that it was necessary to think about the health of her child.Such a course of anti-inflammatory therapy may be called preventive, as it significantly reduces the risk of the baby after birth thrush (or thrush).

state of health of the newborn baby also affects the possibility of his mouth thrush.If the child was born prematurely, with the weakened state of immunity, it will contribute to the growth of fungal flora.In appointing the baby antibiotics should take into account the risk of thrush, especially if there are several predisposing factors.For the development of fungal flora requires an acidic environment, so it is important that the child was no violation of the digestive process.If the child vomits frequently Why the child vomits frequently - what are the norm? Why the child vomits frequently - what are the norm? , the mouth will be the acid medium, and the fungus will successfully reproduce.Any violation of the digestive system of the child needs to be treated and not to postpone the visit to the doctor.After feeding should be neutralized creates an acidic environment, and for this purpose can be recommended to give the child quite a bit of boiled some water (preferably in the form of heat).

What do I need to do my mother

Development newborn thrush accompanied by the appearance of characteristic symptoms.In the area of ​​the mouth of the baby white plaque formed, which may be in the form of plaques, films.This plaque is removed with a spatula, but underneath it is formed section hyperemia or redness.In the propagation of infection, all mouth newborn will be covered with a thick patina of white, like cottage cheese.The appearance of such plaque leads to the fact that the child may refuse to breastfeed or not to take the nipple.The reason is the pain that develops during suckling.The child becomes moody, restless, he does not eat, it decreases appetite.

This manifestation stomatitis Stomatitis - to breath fresh Stomatitis - to breath fresh mouth scares parents and they feel that to cope with the disease is almost impossible.The most important thing - it is timely to see a doctor for examination and treatment.In the first place are the hygienic measures.Many mothers whose children are bottle-fed, lick nipples for feeding before you give them to your child.This is absolutely not to do.That fungal flora, which is in the mouth of an adult, may be the cause of disease in a child.A newborn baby does not yet have the formed immune system, by which it can withstand a variety of pathogens.For this reason, it is affected by pathogenic organisms, and are not protected from the influence of their own flora.Toddler to protect from negative environmental factors and hygienic measures in this case are effective.Mouth of the child must be treated with antifungal agents.This may be drops, salves, creams with antifungal activity.For ten days the baby's mouth should be lubricated.Doses should be determined by the physician, taking into account the child's age, the presence of some associated diseases and complications.Inefficiency conducted therapeutic measures requires a more in-depth examination of the newborn in order to identify the disease, against which flows thrush.

If mom has a fungal manifestations in the skin or mucous membranes, it is necessary to go consult a dermatologist and not to abandon the assigned treatment.Available fungal infection in mothers - a source of infection of her child.For the same reason, if the baby has thrush, but no clinical manifestations of her mom, the mom should appoint to prevent reception of antifungal agents, especially while breastfeeding a newborn.Mom and her baby can be compared with the two communicating vessels, so it is necessary to pay attention when choosing the scope of therapeutic interventions.

Marina Solovyov