9 childhood diseases - useful facts

childhood diseases Diseases - part of childhood, concern for children's diseases - part of the lives of parents.Are you worried when he saw the child an unusual rash or heard a strange cough?This is quite understandable.Parents quickly learn from the experience to recognize the symptoms of influenza, colds, intestinal infections, conjunctivitis.These diseases are common, but there are many other children's diseases that may be unfamiliar.

Some of these diseases - viral or bacterial infection.This means that they can be prevented by simple usual methods - to teach a child to wash their hands regularly with soap and water.And if you teach a child to cover her mouth when he coughs (and wash your hands afterwards), you can prevent the spread of infection.

Respiratory syncytial virus

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) - a common childhood illness.RSV occurs even more often than the flu.Its symptoms are similar to cold and flu symptoms - fever, runny nose, cough.Most people are first faced with the virus up to two years.

in children under one year of RSV - the most common cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis (inflammation of the finest branches of the bronchi, bronchioles).Heavy breathing with wheezing - a characteristic symptom that these diseases, which sometimes can be treated only in a hospital.However, this symptom occurs in only 25-40% of young children in the first RSV disease.The hospital needs about 2% of children.

illness lasts one to two weeks.Immunity to RSV is not produced.A person can get sick it at any age, but the adults are indistinguishable from symptoms of the common cold.

Infectious erythema

characteristic feature of infectious erythema - red because of the rash cheeks, and a rash all over the body.Other symptoms of the disease may not be, but there are cases where before the advent of rash child is experiencing symptoms similar to the common cold.

disease is sometimes called the "fifth disease" - a historical name associated with a list of childhood diseases that cause a rash, which was a French doctor.The list was first measles Measles in children - may cause serious complications Measles in children - may cause serious complications , second - scarlet fever, and so on, while more rare infectious erythema was fifth.Another of its old name - psevdokrasnuha.

The infectious causes erythema parvovirus B19.Up to 20% of children with the virus face up to five years and to 19 years - up to 60%.Typically, the disease is 7-10 days.Many children were newly infected with the virus have no symptoms.

Sometimes the virus can cause pain in the joints Joint pain - how to understand what is going on? Joint pain - how to understand what is going on? , which can be confused with rheumatoid arthritis.These symptoms disappear in about three weeks.

disease hand, foot and mouth disease

hands, feet and mouth - a common childhood disease in which there is an increase in temperature and the appearance of sores or blisters appear in the mouth, on the palms and soles.Sometimes the blisters appear on the buttocks.

Disease hands, feet and mouth disease is caused by various species of enetrovirusov, often Coxsackie virus A and enterovirus 71.

This disease causes discomfort, but for most children is not dangerous and takes 7-10 days.

Croup Croup - childhood disease, which causes a group of viruses, parainfluenza.The main symptom of croup is a "barking" cough (sometimes compared with the barking seal).Croup can be severe enough to require hospitalization, but very rarely fatal.In severe cases, use special means to maintain normal breathing.Usually cereals held about a week.

On average, six out of one hundred children sick croup each year.It is a disease peculiar to children up to six years, the most frequent age of the disease - two years.

Scarlet fever Scarlet fever - a rash that sometimes occurs with a sore throat.It is a bacterial infection - streptococcus group A. Usually occurs in children with severe sore throat and high temperature.Bright red rash appears on the chest and abdomen, then spreads throughout the body.The skin is rough to the touch.Language becomes partly bright red, partly white.The rash can appear on the face, but the skin around the mouth remains pale.

Scarlet fever in the past was a dangerous disease, but now it is easily treated with antibiotics, and it is no more dangerous than any other rashes.

Impetigo Impetigo - a bacterial infection of the skin.It is the third most common skin disease in children is most common between the ages of two to six years.It is very contagious, including for adults.

Impetigo manifests clusters of small itchy sores or pustules that secrete a liquid and then covered with honey-colored crust.Fluid from the sores contagious - it can spread the infection to other parts of the child's body or transferred to another person.

When impetigo prescribe antibiotics prescription.Pustules pass and leave no scars.

Kawasaki disease

Kawasaki disease - a rare disease of childhood, the cause of which is unknown.This strange combination of symptoms such as fever, rash, redness of the palms and soles of the feet and hands swelling, redness Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist , swollen lymph nodes and cracks on the lips.The disease can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and heart damage.Kawasaki disease is treated in the hospital with high doses of drugs that enhance the immune system.Most children get better, but the disease can be fatal.

This disease first described by Japanese doctor Tomisaku Kawasaki in the sixties.The disease is quite rare, usually affects children under five years.

What is the cause of the disease, scientists have not yet figured out.There is a theory that the viral infection is an unusual reaction in the body of those children who have a specific genetic predisposition.

Reye syndrome

Reye's syndrome - a very rare but extremely dangerous disease of childhood.It is because he can not give aspirin to children.Reye's syndrome may develop suddenly after a viral illness such as the flu.It causes liver problems and swelling of the brain, which leads to changes in the psyche, seizures and coma.About 30% of Reye's syndrome die.

Causes of Reye's syndrome are still unclear, but there is evidence that they are associated with aspirin for viral diseases.Ever since it was discovered in 1980, it stopped giving children aspirin and the disease was extremely rare.

Pertussis Whooping cough - a bacterial infection.Infected can both adults and children, but young children are most seriously ill with pertussis.The characteristic symptom is the strong attacks of coughing.

About half of children sick with whooping cough this pest, pest whooping ... This pest, pest whooping ... aged under one year, have to be hospitalized.All children recommended vaccinations against whooping cough, and sometimes adults need to do re-vaccination.About vaccination schedule you can find a doctor.Vaccination did

disease is less common, but still she meets.Immunity after vaccination is maintained for five or ten years, so adults who were vaccinated only in childhood, do not have immunity to pertussis.In adults, the disease is generally milder, but they can infect children.