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sudden infant death syndrome Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - is a medical term used to describe the inexplicable andthe sudden death of a child under the age of one year.More importantly, the autopsy did not reveal any apparent cause of death.

The saddest thing is that many victims of SIDS are completely healthy children.In most cases, children are well fed and ready for bed.Then suddenly the baby is found dead in bed, without pulse and respiration.Even the use of the system does not help restore the heartbeat.

Facts about SIDS

diagnosis of SIDS is made when a healthy baby under six months is found dead in his crib.SIDS rarely occurs in the first month of life, mortality peaks occur in a period of two to four months, but it can happen with a baby up to six months.SIDS often happens with boys than with girls.The greater the number of SIDS cases accounted for the winter months.


Although the exact causes of SIDS are not installed, many medical societies suggest that SIDS can happen under the following factors:

  • Problem spillage (this means that the child does not have the ability to wake up).
  • child's body can not determine the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the blood and can not withdraw it.
  • Sleeping on the stomach.
  • child is exposed to cigarette smoke in the womb or after birth.
  • Smoking mother, or a mother who inject drugs.
  • Very soft bedding in the crib.
  • sleep in the same bed with parents.Unexpected clamping child between the parents.
  • Children twin If you have twins, ten Smiles If you have twins, ten Smiles or triple.
  • premature baby.
  • short interval between pregnancies.
  • brothers and sisters who had SIDS.
  • Underage mother.
  • poor care during pregnancy.
  • Poor living conditions.

relative risk factors of SIDS

  • Anemia or anemia - the cause can not be found opening, as the level of hemoglobin Hemoglobin: worse - low or high? Hemoglobin: worse - low or high? can only be measured from a living child.
  • fungus can cause bleeding in the lungs, which is fatal to the child's case.
  • SIDS occurs less often with children small weight than children with weight above average.

British studies have shown that the bacteriological infection (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli) may be a risk factor for some cases of SIDS.

American Public Health Association has released an article that claimed that babies with SIDS have abnormalities in the brain stem - underdeveloped serotonin receptors that control functions such as blood pressure, breathing and awakening.

Still other studies suggest that a possible cause of SIDS may be the parents who left their child in the folded position, the body position of Trendelenburg.This can cause blockage of the brain stem.In the most severe cases, the brain "destroyed."

In some cases, SIDS was discovered reactive immune response in the brain stem that may be due to a decrease in airway responses and comments awakening.

neck and spinal damage that can happen to a baby during childbirth, if it is wrong to turn the neck.The classic symptom of damage to the cervical - are problems with breathing and damage to the brain stem.

Recordings breathing infants who died from SIDS differ from records breathing normal babies.

SIDS may be associated with increased gassed and elevated levels of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere of the city.


autopsy does not reveal the cause of death.While it can add knowledge about SIDS in the treasury of accumulated experience.In most cases, infant death is sudden and unexpected, and the law requires an autopsy.

Preventing SIDS

Tips to Prevent SIDS:

  • It is best to lay the baby to sleep on his back.Never put it on the belly.The situation in the unstable side enough for the baby and should also be avoided.
  • To avoid congestion due to sleeping in the same position, you can allow your child to crawl on his stomach while he is awake.
  • Infants should not sleep in the same bed with other children or parents.Never put a child's parent.Do not put your baby to sleep on soft surfaces such as sofas.
  • Very well, if the child sleeps in the same room with their parents.
  • soft bedding and quilts should be removed.Infants should sleep on a firm flat mattress.
  • Use light sheets for sheltering children.Pillows, quilts and blankets do not need to use.
  • The room temperature should not be too hot.It should be such that an adult wearing felt comfortable.A child should not be hot to the touch.
  • SIDS risk can be reduced by using a pacifier during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .Doctors believe that the nipple allows your child to breathe in more air and prevents the child a deep sleep.In this situation the child wakes up quickly and you need to make sure that he was not turned into a dangerous position.
  • If a child is breast-feeding, you will need to wait about a month before offering him a pacifier.
  • Sometimes people use electronic monitors tracking your breathing and heartbeat to monitor short-term involuntary breath.Such devices often use the family that already happened SIDS.Recent studies have shown that the use of these monitors does not affect SIDS.
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