Aspirin for children - welcome to fifteen years is contraindicated

aspirin for children Just a few decades ago was the main aspirin antipyretic in the treatment of infections in children.But over time, it has been found that in the designation of this drug during viral infections of children, it can cause serious complications from them from brain and liver.Today, many doctors believe that the huge death rate during the influenza epidemic, called "Spanish flu" at the beginning of the century has largely been associated with the widespread use of aspirin at the time.

What is Reye syndrome

Reye's syndrome - a serious disease that is often the result of taking aspirin as an antipyretic in the treatment of viral diseases in children.Reye's syndrome is manifested by heavy defeats non-inflammatory nature of the liver, brain and other organs.

Reye's syndrome can develop not only in children but in adults, but it occurs in children more often because of the imperfection of the liver enzyme systems.The exact cause of Reye's syndrome has not been established, but it turned out that its development requires an innate predisposition in the form of small disturbances of the liver enzyme.Starting torque is a viral infection, intoxication due to exposure to chemicals (eg, organophosphorus compounds), the effect of certain medications (such as aspirin).

Under the influence of these causes going generalized loss of mitochondria (cell structures, providing the intracellular respiration) cells in the brain, liver, kidneys and other organs.Most often, Reye's syndrome occurs in children between the ages of four to twelve years.But it can also occur in infancy.

How does Reye syndrome

Home Reye's syndrome usually inconspicuous, it merges with the signs of viral infection or poisoning.The first signs of the disease appear within four to six days after a viral infection or poisoning.The child has moderate temperature rises, against this background, there is increasing hemorrhagic vomiting and rashes on the body rash on the body: the conclusions only after consultation with your doctor The rash on the body: the conclusions only after consultation with a doctor as small dots or specks of dark red color.On examination, the doctor reveals the increase in size of the liver.

same time or even before there are increasing signs of central nervous system in the form of headaches, confusion (the child does not understand where he is, does not recognize relatives), seizures.At the same time the beginning of the child at the same time there is vomiting lethargy, drowsiness, speech disturbances (thickly do not always realize that says), but he still realizes that he can speak and answer.But gradually growing violation of orientation in place, time and the environment, there are hallucinations, motor agitation, shortness of breath, convulsive readiness.In the deeper stages of the growing phenomenon of coma, instead of dyspnea is a rare breathing, seizures.

Since the disease process often include kidney, there is a decrease in the amount of urine.

In infants vomiting is not always the main feature of the disease, Reye's syndrome in this age of increasingly evident respiratory failure as shortness of breath with periods of breath (apnea).This infants the disease develops very rapidly and is often very difficult, with the transition into a coma.

Reye's syndrome can have mild, moderate and severe course.

Diagnosis and treatment of Reye's syndrome

Laboratory studies in this period may reveal violations of liver and kidney function, reduced clotting ability of the blood, reducing the blood levels of phosphate and glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source .

Treatment of Reye's syndrome Policy Pay only in the hospital, depending on the severity of the disease.The patient is allowed to breathe oxygen intravenously administered slightly concentrated solutions of glucose, saline, drugs that restore normal clotting ability of blood.When violations of the child to translate breathing artificial respiration.

As one of the signs of the disease is increasing edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause brain, which is often combined with the violation of excretion of urine, prescribed diuretics who also injected intravenously.To control convulsions prescribed anticonvulsant drugs.

forecast Reye's syndrome depends on the severity of the disease, in severe cases can occur coma and death of the child, despite treatment.That is why in childhood is not recommended to use aspirin.This is especially dangerous viral infections, such as influenza, chicken pox Chickenpox - not just a childhood disease Chickenpox - not just a childhood disease and so on.Parents should know what Reye's syndrome and why it can develop in a child in order not to treat it yourself, and promptly seek medical attention.

Galina Romanenko