Ursofalk for newborns - to help cope with jaundice

ursofalk for newborns After birth, the newborn children often develop jaundice, which is called physiological.In most cases, jaundice goes so alone and does not require treatment.Only some children physiological jaundice lasts longer than usual - in this case they need medical care.

Why newborn physiological jaundice develops

physiological reason for neonatal jaundice is the transition from newborn fetal to adult development period.In utero oxygen to organs and tissues of the baby was delivered with the help of the so-called fetal hemoglobin contained in red blood cells.After birth, there is a replacement of the fetal hemoglobin to adult hemoglobin.

This process is accompanied by the destruction of a large amount of fetal hemoglobin Hemoglobin: worse - low or high? Hemoglobin: worse - low or high? , resulting in a new substance - bilirubin.It Bilirubin stains the skin and mucous membranes yellow.This is called indirect bilirubin, or unrelated.It is quite toxic, which does not dissolve in water and therefore can not alone excreted.Then indirect bilirubin passes through the liver, there is bound to glucuronic acid (this is directly linked bilirubin) in the form of water-soluble non-toxic substances discharged through the kidneys.

The body of a newborn baby process of converting indirect bilirubin into direct is slowing down due to lack of content in the liver enzyme required for this reaction.

Therefore, approximately two days after the birth of baby yellow - this is the physiological neonatal jaundice.

Jaundice passes gradually over two weeks.During this limited period of time the body of the newborn can not be harmed, but if jaundice continues longer toxic indirect bilirubin can destroy brain cells, including the subcortical nuclei, so this is called the nuclear jaundice.Kernicterus is very dangerous, because after the restore brain function in its entirety is very difficult.

Physiological neonatal jaundice requires observation.If it lasts longer than usual, examine the baby's blood for bilirubin (determined by the amount of total, indirect and direct bilirubin).If necessary, such a treatment is prescribed newborn, including drugs that protect the liver and promote the removal of bile, such as ursofalk.

How does ursofalk at physiological neonatal jaundice

Ursofalk - a drug with hepatoprotective properties (have a protective effect on cells of the liver), also provides choleretic effect.Under the influence of Ursofalk liver cells begin to function more efficiently newborn secrete the necessary amount of enzymes for converting indirect bilirubin Bilirubin - a great tool for the diagnosis Bilirubin - a great tool for the diagnosis directly.

This leads to a rapid decrease toxic load on the body of the child, especially in his brain and to the prevention of kernicterus.Direct bilirubin is rapidly excreted in the urine as ursofalk has choleretic action.

Ursofalk produces pharmaceutical company Dr. Falk Pharma (Germany) in capsules and a suspension for oral administration.Newborns appointed ursofalk suspension, which is available in bottles of 250 ml with measuring spoon (one measuring spoon of 5 ml contains 250 mg Ursofalk).

When prolonged physiological neonatal jaundice ursofalk prescribed rate of 10 mg per kilogram of child's weight per day.

Ursofalk newborns should appoint a pediatrician.Give ursofalk once a day, the duration of treatment is determined by a physician and depends on the child's condition and data of laboratory blood tests.

contraindications and side effects

Ursofalk not assigned to babies with severe diseases of the liver, pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know and kidney with a violation of their functions, in the presence of acuteinflammatory processes in the biliary tract, as well as hypersensitive to the components of the drug by the body of the child.

Ursofalk rarely has any side effects, but sometimes it still happens.Side effects can manifest Ursofalk:

  • from the digestive organs - regurgitation, vomiting fountain, impaired liver function (by laboratory parameters);
  • also found anxiety, sleep disturbance Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , allergic reactions.

Ursofalk widely used in neonatology for the treatment of prolonged physiological jaundice in the newborn.

Galina Romanenko