Diathesis in the child: the best treatment - prevention

diathesis child ruddy cheeks in children are, unfortunately, not only from frost.Diateznye redness already so common that many refer to him almost as the norm, although it is not so.Diathesis - an anomaly of the constitution of the child, which is characterized by a tendency to abnormal reaction to any stimuli, as well as the risk of some diseases.

Signs and causes of diathesis

diathesis most susceptible children aged from six months to three years.If you're lucky, and the baby in the first months of his life pleased her clear skin, normal stool and wellness, by one and a half - two years in virtually all faced with signs of diathesis.Usually, it appears bright red scaly patches on the cheeks, which are then covered by crust.Violation of the chair, sore throat and cough - are also frequent companions diathesis.

should distinguish between an allergy and allergic diathesis, because the first is an abnormal reaction of the immune system already established in principle to a safe substance and diathesis is associated with age-and immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as with increased histamine sensitivity of children during the first years of life.Seeing a child signs diathesis, parents begin to reproach myself that not to feed the baby and somehow not care for it.In general, scientists still did not give a definite answer about the causes and nature of the diathesis.However, all agree on one thing - diathesis better and easier to prevent than to cure.And the most important preventive measure is timely and cautious entering feeding "age" in infants and management of high-quality food at older kids.


If all precautions did not protect the child from diathesis, it must be cured to prevent the launch of a chain of allergic mechanisms of chronic allergies and various diseases - such as asthma and atopic dermatitis.Diet - basic and effective measure, as shown in the diathesis.There is a whole list of vysokoallergennyh products which should be completely excluded from the diet.First of all, eliminate meat and chicken broth, all the red foods, sugar.Very often, an allergic reaction may cause the cow milk, egg yolk, cream.Cereal - semolina and millet.Of fruit - citrus fruits, pomegranates, apricots, peaches Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits , melon.Dried fruits, nuts, mushrooms, chocolate, honey, various delicacies - all this easily causes diathesis.

way, initially in most cases diathesis manifests itself only when a large number of foods eaten.However, running an allergic mechanism can be maintained and exacerbated by the small amount of some other allergen.So what diet therapy should be consistent and strict.It is necessary to notify all the people from the inner circle baby, especially compassionate grandmothers with their love of the ladle Semolina - harm and benefits children's meals Semolina - harm and benefits of children and milk, as well as neighbors, friends, always have in your pocket candy to entertainchild.Without control of your baby, of course, will not give up tasty treats than you complicate the task several times.Tip - Keep a journal in which each day enter all that eating, drinking baby than washed and anointed them (the soap and cosmetic products also may be a diathesis), than you wash his clothes and so on. It is necessary to record all your surveillanceleather stool quality, general well-being of the baby.

Opinion pediatrician

Treatment of diathesis conducted under the supervision of a pediatrician.It must agree with him, and diet and the means to care for the skin of the baby.Usually the doctor, except for diet prescribes medications that eliminate itching, sedatives and vitamins.It can also be assigned to the ultraviolet treatment.Often accompanied by intestinal dysbiosis diathesis Intestinal dysbacteriosis - how dangerous it is? Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is? , and the only cure it, you can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms that occur in the skin of the child.With great caution should be used antihistamines, without understanding the underlying causes of diathesis, and it is better not to use them.Indeed, as noted above, diathesis - it's not exactly an allergy.If diathesis persists for a long time, you must turn to the allergist and immunologist.

Grandma's advice

the treatment diathesis all means are good, and even the pediatrician may recommend to folk remedies, which enjoyed more our grandmothers.Recipes of traditional medicine very much.One of the most famous and effective - grind thoroughly washed eggshells into powder and give the child during the meal, before or after it (does not matter), pre-extinguished a few drops of lemon juice.The dose for children under one year - powder on the tip of a knife;from one to two years - the dose is doubled.The five-seven years can be given already half shell.

Another known means - black radish juice.It gives the baby three times a day for twenty minutes before meals.Initial dose - one drop every day should be added even a drop of juice, increasing the dosage to one tablespoon.

also make tincture of succession, cranberry, currant, bay leaf, dandelion root, and so on.Diathesis - this is the case when you can ask for advice and my mother and my grandmother, and even in-law.

Skin Care: bathing, smear, do lotions

diathesis may be dry or moist.Dry diathesis manifests itself as a scaly redness and swelling in certain areas of the skin, often itchy.Prolonged diathesis appear crisp, troublesome child.Weeping diathesis is always accompanied by severe itching.On the affected skin appear bubbles that burst and form moist areas.When different types of diathesis shows special care for the skin.

to reduce inflammation and improve the dry, prone to peeling of the skin, you can prepare your child a bath with the addition of broth from wheat bran Cuts - benefits and harms by type Bran - the benefits and harms by type .After bathing, the affected skin should apply some moisturizer of children's cosmetics designed for dry damaged skin (milk, cream, butter).When moist diathesis take a bath every day with a decoction of oak bark and the skin smear cream with zinc oxide and anti-inflammatory substances.You can make a poultice of strong tea, or put a wet bandage of methylene blue.They have anti-inflammatory effects of chamomile teas and succession, which are equally good for every type of diathesis - they should also be added to the bath when bathing.However, remember that any grass at the kid, too, may be a diathesis.Most allergic reactions occur in the series.

diathesis - not the cause of the anomaly, but only its expression, as a consequence may be a variety of diseases.A balanced diet, normal, daily exercise and proper care of the baby - all of which are key to the prevention of diathesis and good health of the child.

Maria Malouhova