If the child does not sleep: the rule of the regime of the day

If the child does not sleep With the advent of children in the lives of young parents have a lot of worries.Child Health - one of the most important, which includes a number of different factors.Healthy sleep - it is a prerequisite, in which the baby's proper development is impossible.But sometimes the dream of the child is restless, kids rarely agree to sleep in due time, may wake up during the night and refuse to fall asleep again.Sleep disorders do not happen for no reason.In order to understand why a child does not sleep well, you need to know exactly what was bothering him.

Violation of the regime of the day

often restless sleep is caused by misuse of the daily routine.If a child falls asleep late, late rises, little moves and sleeps a lot during the day, there is nothing surprising in the fact that he will be restless night's sleep.To resolve this issue, it is sufficient to adjust the mode of the day.The kid has to alternate sleeping and waking, so that at night had more rest.The older the child, the more clearly you need to be mode.In the waking hours the baby to play, to move actively, to learn something.Natural fatigue will help him to sleep at night, but only on condition that the nap does not replace the night.

To set the mode of the day, you need every day to wake up the child and put him to bed at the same time.


What we eat affects our health.More kids are more susceptible to food.If your child go to bed hungry, it is likely that it will interfere with his sleep.If he overeat before going to bed, it may disturb intestinal cramps and heaviness in the stomach.Food allergens may also affect the quality of sleep.Therefore, in order to prevent the food from the possible causes of sleep disorders, it is necessary to monitor and diet.When newborn babies are fed around the clock at the first request, the older children need to be fed in an hour - a half before going to bed.This will help avoid any unpleasant sensations in the stomach, but the child does not fall asleep hungry.


If a child is sick, then it will affect how fast he goes to sleep and how sleep.Restless sleep may be due to a headache, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms , high temperature.If your child wakes up for no apparent reason, perhaps, he was concerned about pinworms - a kind of tapeworm that is often found in children.

In any case, the baby needs to show a pediatrician, to make the necessary tests that will help identify the true cause of sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and quickly eliminate it.


Often the cause of poor sleep in children is not a good emotional environment in the family.Children need affection and attention, going to bed for them - this is the point at which parents should be nearby.Every family is going on in their own way, falling asleep is accompanied by some kind of ritual.For some it's the evening bathing, massage, rocking, reading fairy tales or watching cartoons joint.Even normal conversation can help a child to tune in to sleep.It all depends on your relationship and the child's age.The main thing that the child before bedtime did not feel fear, resentment, anger, or other negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .It is therefore necessary to resolve all conflicts long before it's time to go to sleep or leave their decision until the morning.The more stimuli, the harder the kid will sleep.

Do not scold the child before going to sleep, not to sort things out.Create a relaxed friendly atmosphere in which to sleep it would be easy and pleasant.


When the child grows up, it is often disturbed nightmares.They dream of all children from time to time, but not always become a problem, which prevents healthy sleep.If your child wakes up on a regular basis that he had a terrible dream, if long and generally refuses to sleep, afraid to sleep - this is a serious problem, often the effects of stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? or symptom of some other disease.Deciding it must be in conjunction with specialists.Child psychiatrist and psychologist to help identify the cause of nightmares and eliminate it.

Children may sleep poorly for various reasons, sometimes it helps to extraneous noise, too bright light of a lamp or, conversely, impenetrable darkness, sometimes it is not very pleasant thoughts, or simply unwillingness to sleep.In each case, the right approach to solving the problem comprehensively and consistently ruled out all possible causes of sleep disorders.It is not always a bad dream means that the problem is very serious, sometimes enough to ventilate the room or tell your child a story.A close relation to the child and mutual trust every parent can return good night's sleep baby.