Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects

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herbal medicine menopause Herbal medicine - a type of alternative medicine is used to treat diseases of medicinal plants.They can be used in various forms - for example, there is fresh, to brew tea, herbs to prepare, and so on.Herbs were human medicine for many centuries, but now a lot of people who trust the official medicine, wary of medicinal herbs.

However, to use the methods of herbal medicine - does not mean to abandon the achievements of official medicine.Most of the drugs that are prescribed by doctors today have roots in the world of plants.For example, one of the first forms of the drug Taxol, used in chemotherapy Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? patients with breast cancer Breast cancer: What you need to know every woman Breast cancer: What you need to know every woman , was obtained in 1960 from the chemicals found in the Pacific yew.Today pharmaceutical companies change the chemical structure of the components of drugs, to enhance their action, but many of them have all been derived from the same plant.

One of the major advantages of herbal medicine is that it is available to people around the world - you just know the properties of the plants that grow in a particular region.Moreover, unlike many drugs, plants can be used not only to treat but also to prevent diseases.


adaptogenic effect

sure you've seen as a thin green stem grows through the layer of asphalt or cement, or as a tree grows onrocky slope, where, it seems, there is no fertile soil or water?It is no secret that the plants are good at adapting to different conditions, and it is their property has been used successfully in herbal medicine: the treatment of herbs the body gets what it needs - and only what you need.

Instead of being misled by large doses of drugs (in time - that is alleviated symptoms of many diseases), body cells interact with the molecules of active substances in plants.Able to adapt plants give only what is necessary to a person with specific disease.This is called adaptogenic effect, which is not yet able to give no medicine, made from synthetic materials.

potent drugs often simply suppress physiological processes, one way or another associated with the disease (of course, in practice it is much more difficult, and it is - a simplified explanation), and bilateral cooperation with the body almost - or at all - is missing.With the phytotherapy

different.Remember how you water houseplants.If water them always at regular intervals and the same volume of water, one would be that the plant suffers from a deficiency or excess of moisture.Pouring it is necessary to consider the temperature of the air, light, and other factors, depending on the plant from which drinking water is greater than or less.Plants, like the cells of the body - are living beings whose needs are constantly changing.Moreover, if it enters into a new environment - including the body, the components of plants are able to take into account the peculiarities of the environment, and adapt to its needs.They "listen" and "watch" for the cells of the body and give it what is necessary.Of course, plants have no such a strong effect as pharmaceutical drugs, but they are much safer - if you use them correctly.


Rule safe use of herbal medicine

  • Be patient.It may take some time before the result of medicinal herbs on the body become visible.They usually can not quickly alleviate the symptoms (such as many analgesics);on the contrary, herbs slowly restore the balance of chemicals in the body, have beneficial effects on metabolic processes, and so on.
  • consider features of the organism.Approximately 30-40% of people the liver recycles active ingredients of drugs faster or slower than average.For people who have such a feature, drugs are stronger or weaker than the others.If you belong to these people, it is necessary to adjust the dose of medicinal herbs;To do this properly, it is best to consult a specialist on herbal medicine.
  • relates to the treatment responsibly.What herbs are considered safer than synthetic drugs, it does not mean that they can be taken in any dose, and as often as they like.Also, if you have any serious health problems before taking herbs, talk to your doctor.
  • monitor your condition.If you suspect an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat should stop taking the herbal, and if the symptoms of allergies Allergy symptoms: Survival Guide spring Allergy symptoms: Survival Guide Spring not be held for two days to appeala doctor.If your condition during treatment with herbs is much improved, it should be examined - this will make sure that the disease has receded.The same must be done if the herbal medicine has not given the results - you may have selected the wrong treatment, or you initially put the wrong diagnosis.Remember
  • drug interactions.Herbs can also react with other medications, as well as alcoholic beverages.Consult an expert on herbal medicine to know which herbs can be taken in combination with medicines that you are taking at the moment.
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