Oil celandine: delicate solution of serious problems

Oil celandine celandine - one of the most effective herbs.Fresh celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries toxic, and they should be treated with caution.There is, however, a great alternative to fresh juice of this plant - celandine cosmetic oil, which is used for skin, nails and mucous membranes.This oil has practically no contraindications and can be prepared independently.


How to make oil from celandine

Usually in folk medicine used the juice of celandine, but it's not the only way to use this herb.In contrast to the pure juice of celandine oil available at any time of the year.Furthermore, it acts more delicately and has a minimum contraindications since the concentration of active substances in it downward.

This oil can be bought at a pharmacy or make your own from dried herb celandine and cosmetic oils - apricot, peach, almond.This will require a dried herb celandine, oil and glassware with a lid.

To prepare the oil is only used aboveground part of the plant collected away from busy highways and other areas with air pollution.The grass should be collected during flowering in dry weather.It is better to give preference to plants growing in the shade.Celandine cut, departing from the ground about ten centimeters.This is best done with gloves, as celandine poisonous.In addition, care must be taken to spray the juice did not get into the eyes accidentally.

dried herb celandine in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.When the plant is completely dry, you can start cooking oil from it.

To do this, fold the dry grass in a glass dish and pour the oil so that it covers plant material for a couple of centimeters.The oil should be warmed beforehand in a water bath so that it was hot.

Thereafter sealed container and left in a dark place to cool the oil.The mixture is then infused in a dark cool place for a week, and then filter.To the thus prepared oil should be added an equal amount of conventional oil, whereupon the product is ready for consumption.Keep oil celandine in a dry, dark and cool place in a glass container.


Oil celandine face: clear skin secrets

Using thus prepared or purchased in a drugstore oil varied.For example, oil is often used for acne celandine Celandine acne - true means Celandine acne - true means , for the treatment of boils and warts.Eczema, ringworm Ringworm - not only infectious disease Ringworm - not only infectious disease , psoriatic plaques, and even cold sores disappear, the skin is clean and fresh.Effectively celandine and oil wart.

Often the oil of celandine is used for prevention of skin aging.To this must be added to the usual face cream a few drops of oil (3-4 drops per ten grams of cosmetic products).Enriched cream can thus be used as a daily care of aging skin and prevention of acne and irritations.Owners of oily skin may also enrich their daily use cream butter celandine.

Oil celandine removes flaky skin, reduces the traces of various skin diseases, spots and redness.The skin becomes smooth and elastic.In addition, using oil of celandine can get rid of the itching.

For maximum efficiency on oil acne rash is usually applied to the inflamed areas dot and left for ten minutes or fifteen.After that, the skin should be carefully wet cloth.Similarly, you can get rid of age spots.


not only for skin

celandine oil is often used not only on the skin, and mucous membranes.For example, it can be used to cure disease, periodontal disease and gingivitis.It is used in the oil and gynecology.For example, well-established use of oil with uterine celandine.Treat it with care and cervical erosion.

methods use different oil.As a rule, means impregnated cotton swabs, and then press them to the affected site.This procedure is repeated every day two or three times a day until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

Celandine has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, diuretic, sedative effect.These properties are useful for treatment of fibroids.Sometimes celandine to treat uterine fibroids on the advice of a doctor administered orally, but most oil is used topically celandine.Oil-soaked swabs How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions injected deep into the vagina, leave for a while and then recovered.The procedure is performed regularly.Before applying the oil of celandine to treat gynecological diseases should consult with your doctor.


Beautiful nails

With oil celandine can get rid of fungal diseases.Nail fungus is not only unattractive, but also contributes to infections.

celandine oil from nail fungus is considered to be quite effective.First, you need to steam the skin around the nail and then generously lubricate the nail plate and cuticles healing oil.After half an hour remaining oil is removed with a napkin.The procedure is repeated once or twice a day until complete disappearance of mycosis.Before applying the oil of celandine to treat fungal diseases can not hurt to consult a doctor.


Use with caution

Despite the fact that the oil of celandine, unlike most plants, is considered safe and is even used to treat skin irritations young children, it can cause individual intolerance.Therefore, it should be used with caution.It is better to start with small doses, gradually increasing them.If the use of oil will not cause irritation or rash appears, you can continue to use it further.

Celandine and preparations based on it are contraindicated with epilepsy and some other nervous diseases, as well as pregnant and lactating women.Before using the oil to anyone who celandine is not recommended, you should always consult with a physician to assess the degree of risk.

Maria Bykov