Drops of motherwort: natural remedy for stress

drops of motherwort Motherwort is one of the most well-known medicinal plants.He was even called the "heart herb" because drops of motherwort for many centuries been used successfully for the treatment of heart disease.These drops are used to treat and prevent a variety of diseases, as well as to alleviate the condition in menopause.


To help the drops of motherwort?

Drops motherwort - one of the most famous sedative (soothing) facilities.Motherwort not only soothes, but also helps to lower blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? , improves the functioning of the central nervous system, helps the heart.It is believed that regular use of drops motherwort helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, improve digestion and normalize metabolism.Wonder herb strengthens the immune system, relieves muscle spasms and helps to get rid of cramps.It is used even in the treatment of this serious disease like epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease Epilepsy - a sacred disease .Use the drop motherwort and as a styptic.

Motherwort indispensable for women: a drop on the basis of this plant, unlike many other pharmacological agents can employ pregnant.Very effective drops motherwort in menopause: the drug helps relieve the heart, reduces the "tides" and other unpleasant symptoms of menopause.The diuretic and sedative action motherwort help to alleviate the condition suffering from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.It is enough to add to the water a few drops of tincture to get rid of edema, improve mood, soothe the nerves.


drops during menopause pustyrnika

Women usually with trepidation waiting for the start of menopause.With this period associated with many fears and anxieties.Unfortunately, most of the changes that come with menopause, can not be considered favorable.This extinction of sexual desire, and nerve disorders, and increase in weight, and the appearance of new wrinkles, and a decrease in physical attractiveness.

Although in most cases the period runs quietly enough, many women experience hormonal changes difficult, suffering from increased pressure and tides.Enough common violations on the part of the nervous system: many women in this difficult period become irritable, easily get angry for the most trivial reasons, emotionally react to all.Of course, these symptoms are extremely unpleasant for the woman and for those around her.Fortunately, there are many ways to improve their condition in menopause: a special diet, drug therapy, folk remedies.

Herbal medicine has been used to improve the condition of women in menopause since ancient times.And one of the most popular drugs is motherwort.This plant and helps in the treatment of high blood pressure and excessive nervousness, and when a tides.Tides - a sensation of heat, which is accompanied by redness of the face, neck and chest, and sweating.Doctors and still can not clearly explain why there is this symptom.However, there is no doubt that the frequency of tidal influence, among other factors, the nervous system.Anxious women prone to depression or feelings because of trifles, usually suffer from hot flashes much more than their calm and serene girlfriend.

Doctors often advise ladies in "dangerous" age is constantly trying to keep a positive attitude.But these recommendations are not so easy to do: not all possess the art of managing the emotional state.Therefore, there is nothing to be ashamed to help themselves by using herbal remedies such as valerian or motherwort.Motherwort is the best choice, because it not only has a sedative effect, but also effectively improve the cardiovascular system.

course, instant results from the use of tincture of motherwort should not wait, therefore, desirable to begin treatment as early as possible, hardly any first flushes or other symptoms.You can start to drink motherwort and prophylactically.As a rule, more or less lasting effect of the use of medicinal herbs is achieved on the fifteenth day of the seventh reception.To cope with stress will be easier, the pressure returns to normal, and the mood improves.


Application drops of motherwort: caution not hurt

Many are natural cures with a fair amount of levity, believing that herbs can not harm health.However, the preparations made from plants, are not so harmless and should be used according to the rules.This applies to the tincture of motherwort drops.If to drink brandy, it does not cause addiction and no side effects - of course, except in cases of intolerance to the drug.

Since purchase motherwort contain alcohol, their use is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding and those who drives a car or working in hazardous work.In all these cases should prefer motherwort decoction or pills with motherwort.

drink drops recommended after meals three times a day.It is recommended to add a tincture of motherwort to a small amount of water, and then prepared to drink a "cocktail".Usually, doctors recommend that the number of drops of tincture in one step corresponds to the number of years lived.That is, in twenties enough drink infusions twenty drops three times a day, and 45, respectively, by forty-five drops.But this formula can be applied only until the age of fifty.For those who are older, it is recommended to reduce the dose gradually.

In calculating the optimum number of drops should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer medication: some tinctures are more concentrated, and, accordingly, are used in smaller amounts.In any case it is better to start with minimal doses, increasing them if necessary, or on the advice of your doctor.This approach allows us to minimize the possibility of side effects.

Maria Bykov