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Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine, which now includes a wide variety of areas, began to develop more than five thousand years ago.Currently, many hospitals in China use its methods, together with the methods of conventional medicine.It is also quite common in Europe and North America;in Western countries, millions of people each year turn to specialists of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).Methods of TCM are used, for example, in the treatment of back pain Back pain not start the Back pain: Do not start the process , depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers Breast cancer - a sentence? Breast cancer - the verdict? .


Concepts TCM

between TCM and official medicine, there are fundamental differences, and one of the most important is a different vision of man and his disease.

  • body - is a unified whole.Representatives of TCM treat not a separate body, which is the source of the disease, and the whole body.According to them, to cure a person, you need to work on his physical body and the mind, emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code and spirit, as well as the vital energy that is the basis of ourlife.Furthermore, according to TCM theory, the body is all that is needed for healing.
  • person closely connected with the outside world.Time of year and day, geographical location and climate are just as important when choosing a method of treatment than a person's age, his genetic characteristics, and other factors.
  • Prevention - the best means of treatment.The human body constantly takes various signs on the state of their health, but we often ignore them as long as there are no serious problems.It is not the most effective strategy for taking care of their health.TCM learns to understand the language of his own body, and to do more prevention rather than treatment.
  • yin and yang - one of the most important concepts in TCM, according to which the entire world, including all living organisms are formed by two opposing, but complementary to each other forces.The balance between the yin and yang - a pledge not only physical health, but also the general well-being.
  • chi energy.According to TCM, the human body (and not only) of energy channels - meridians circulating life energy Qi.Diseases caused by the fact that in certain parts of the body is disrupted circulation of Qi energy, and for the healing of her to restore.


How to develop the disease - from the perspective of TCM

  • first stage.It disturbed the balance of Qi energy.The patient begins to experience mild discomfort from time to time he appeared mild symptoms.Typically, at this stage, people think that there is a serious problem, and soon everything will itself;many people use OTC drugs or herbs.
  • second stage.Violation of the energy balance impact on the work of internal organs, as well as their interaction.Symptoms become more severe, begin to cause discomfort.It is believed that the techniques of western medicine at this stage is still impossible to detect disease.
  • third stage.Symptoms begin to have an impact on quality of life.At this stage patients usually can not delay the visit to the doctor;identify the disease and begin to treat these or other methods.



experts, TCM practitioners typically use the following methods that assess the patient's condition: inspection (especially frequently inspect the language), a conversation with the patient, palpation, including - heart rate measurement.In addition, the practice in the diagnostic process can evaluate the sounds that a person emits while breathing, and body odor.In TCM applies a wide variety of medical procedures;We'll talk about the most common ones.

  • herbal therapy.In the list of herbs that are used in TCM, includes hundreds of titles.Herbs are used for brewing tea, preparing tinctures and powders;they also take into capsules.The TCM also used some of the minerals and animal products.
  • Acupuncture.It is not known exactly when in ancient China started to practice acupuncture.Age stone and bone needles for acupuncture, which is in the course of excavations, estimated at several thousand years.At the same time, we know that acupuncture for centuries helps people to get rid of many diseases.
  • acupuncture needles - are now made of stainless steel - used for the impact on the meridians to restore the circulation of Qi energy.It is believed that after the movement of energy channels becomes normal, and the operation to recover bodies that become sources of the disease.
  • therapeutic food.According to TCM theory, each product somehow affects the body, including - for energy circulation.TCM specialist, examined, the patient may appoint a special diet that will meet the needs of his body and gradually deliver him from health problems.


current status of TCM

Despite the prevalence of TCM in China and beyond, the scientific evidence supporting itefficiency is very low.The theoretical basis of TCM, in particular, the fact that its foundation is the concept of energy, the existence of which the official science does not confirm, greatly complicates the study of methods of TCM.Most researchers are engaged in a certain directions TCM, mainly - Treatment with herbs and acupuncture.Acupuncture Studies have shown that it can be useful in a number of diseases, but for final conclusions until the data is not enough.As for herbs, most of them dedicated to research was carried out with various disorders, so experts agree that this area of ​​TCM is virtually unknown.People with serious illnesses should not be used instead of the TCM therapies that apply the official medicine.Pregnant women turn to specialists for TCM is possible only after consultation with your doctor.If you observe such precautions, TCM can be a useful addition to the primary therapy.

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