Borovoy of the uterus: applied only after a visit to the doctor

  • Borovoy of the uterus: applied only after a visit to the doctor in gynecology
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Borovaya womb Borovoy of the uterus (ortiliya sided) - a medicinal plant, which is used in the treatment ofdiseases of female sexual sphere.This herb has been used successfully even in those days, when a hormonal disturbances did not know anything, but wanted to preserve women's health.Later, modern medicine has confirmed the effectiveness of this plant.


medicinal herbs upland uterus

Borovoy of the uterus - is a perennial plant of the heather family with creeping stems, which departs from the low annual branches.This herb has been known since ancient times as a treatment for gynecological diseases.The leaves are alternate, ovate, serrate, with rounded-cuneate base and short pointed tip, on thin stalks.Small greenish flowers are collected in upland uterus sided drooping brush.

Borovoy of the uterus can be found mainly in dry coniferous and mixed forests, where it often forms a whole thicket.With the purpose of treatment using flowers, stems and leaves of the plant.Blooms in June-July, at the same time can be harvested flowers.The stems and leaves are harvested closer to winter.


chemical composition and operation of upland uterus

Properties upland uterus depends on the chemical composition of this plant.The composition of upland uterus contains many useful substances.First of all, it Arbutin - glycoside, which in humans is decomposed into two mineral substances: glucose and hydroquinone - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic (diuretic) effect, which can be successfully used in the treatment of upland uterus urinary tract diseases.But it arbutin carcinogenic (may cause cancer), and hydroquinone highly toxic and teratogenic properties (can cause fetal malformation), in connection with which the latter is not applicable in medicine.

  • flavonoids - plant pigments that give color flowers and fruits.These substances inhibit the development of inflammation and allergies have antiviral and choleretic effect.Flavonoids - powerful antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious use Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits , thanks to this, they protect the body from free radicals and reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.
  • Coumarins - substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.They also have anticarcinogenic (anticancer) properties.Coumarins are natural anticoagulants (substances that slow down the process of blood clotting), so people with bleeding disorders, as well as long-term use or high doses they can cause bleeding.
  • saponins - has expectorant, diuretic, tonic and soothing at the same time, activate the function of all glands, resulting in a dilution of their secrets.Liquefaction of vaginal secretions is of great importance for the treatment of infertility Infertility Treatment - What are the priority principles Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority .But the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulation of the glands of the stomach and intestines can lead to the development of ulcerative gastritis.

The composition upland uterus have trace elements (manganese, titanium, copper, zinc) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), as well as resins, citric and tartaric acids, saponins, bitter and tannins.All they enhance the therapeutic effect of upland uterus.


Borovoy of the uterus and hormones

Can I use upland uterus to normalize the level of sex hormones?The question still remains unexplored.However, it is known that the upland uterus beneficial effect on the functional state of the ovaries and the hypothalamic-pituitary system, that is, the basic mechanisms of the female reproductive system.It contribute to the proper operation of the reproductive system and the secretion of the body needs the amount of hormones.The same harmonizing effect upland uterus exerts on the male reproductive system.

believed that Borovoy of the uterus is also composed of plant hormones - biologically active substances, in varying degrees, replacing female hormones.And as in folk medicine upland uterus is used mainly in diseases caused by an excess of female hormones estrogen (premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, mastopathy, etc.), we can assume that this plant is mildly inhibits the action of estrogen, providing at the same time harmonizing effect on the rest of the reproductive system.

Borovoy of the uterus, and progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology in the same direction, slightly inhibiting effect of estrogen and restoring the second phase of the menstrual cycle.With an excess of estrogen suppression of their secretion and enhancing action of progesterone lead to rupture of the ovarian follicle ripening and exits from the egg, ie the ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .Thus, upland uterus and ovulation will move in the same direction with an excess of estrogen or progesterone deficiency.If the gynecological pathology associated with estrogen deficiency, the upland uterus will have a negative effect.Therefore, we can make one more conclusion: no studies hormonal upland uterus can not bring benefit and harm.

And yet, despite the fact that the use of upland uterus has long proved its successful use in folk medicine, some of the properties of this plant are not allowed to use it without prior examination and recommendation of a doctor.

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