Adenomyosis of the uterus: the treatment of folk remedies - how effective is it

Uterine adenomyosis treatment of folk remedies when considering treatment of adenomyosis Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized allowed to use a variety of recipes of traditional medicine.Such a tactic is justified only in the earliest stages of the disease, when the process is localized and does not spread to other organs.As the disease progresses the effectiveness of the measures will decline.Adenomyosis of the uterus - treatment of folk remedies should choose a specialist with the state of health on the basis of the survey results.

Choosing plant remedy

Years of experience in the use of herbs has confirmed their high effectiveness in the treatment of adenomyosis.The plants most often recommended to use a decoction of several herbs:

  • shepherd's purse
  • nettle leaves
  • root cinquefoil
  • root coil
  • grass knotweed

All of the herbs in the mixture is stirred well, and from the finished mixtureprepare the broth take two spoons.On a dry matter will need about 400 ml of boiled water.Decoction after infusion should drink half a glass of up to three times a day.

Infusions of herbs can not only drink, but also be used in the form of local vaginal procedures, ie douche.For these purposes, use calendula, celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries , yarrow, oak bark, nettle.The most famous recipe is based on the use of celandine Application celandine - a wide range of actions The use of celandine - a wide range of actions .Calculate the ratio of dry feed and the liquid portion so that the volume was one liter of water.After the infusion must be strain and douche daily.A positive result does not occur after a few treatments, requires long-term treatment.It may be recommended to carry out local treatment courses of ten days (ten days of therapy, after which the patient takes a break for ten days).Some doctors recommend as a preventive procedure to do douching month.

disadvantage of local therapy can be called a change of microflora in the vagina.Douching is not suitable for long term use as contribute to the development of dysbiosis due to changes in the composition of the microflora.If the patient receives a local therapy, it is important to control smears on the flora, to promptly take the necessary measures to prevent the development of dysbiosis.

therapeutic effect of clay

For many years known for the unique properties of clay.This facility can be successfully used for the treatment of adenomyosis, it is important to properly prepare the clay for use.The clay should be careful to stretch, but it is not appropriate metal dishes (container must be a ceramic or glass).In the next step the clay insist a few hours, the bay with water.Next, the clay is heated in a water bath for no more than ten minutes.In this form, the clay can be used for therapeutic purposes.

From preheated piece of clay cake form, which spread on the film.When the temperature of the cake will be comfortable for the human body, it should be put on the area of ​​the lower abdomen.Duration of treatment should not exceed two hours.

use of clay in the adenomyosis is due to pronounced anti-tumor properties.We describe the unique instances of the tool in oncology.Also in the clay we found a whole range of important trace elements, salts (potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc.), which are fully absorbed by the body.

Comparison of traditional medicine

Adenomyosis different prolonged course with a tendency to relapse of the disease.Progression of the process leads to the defeat of adjacent organs, which largely determines the severity of the condition.In this regard, it is not recommended to give preference to national methods, if the patient was not to consult the doctor gynecologist.Therapy herbal remedies is a great addition to the basic treatment, which includes hormones.

If a woman found contraindications for the appointment of hormones, it is necessary to refer to the ancient folk remedies.The advantage of this therapy is minimal impact on the health, due to the lack of side effects.To achieve a positive outcome is possible if a course of treatment will continue for several months.The presence of a particular patient should be warned before starting therapy.

One of the manifestations of adenomyosis can be heavy bleeding during menstruation.Against the background of hormone therapy, a decrease of blood loss, and you can enhance the therapeutic effect is achieved by taking herbal concoctions that have hemostatic effect.Take a decoction of the leaves of shepherd's purse, stinging nettle, barley separately or as part of complex fees.Based on one glass of water you need to take two tablespoons of dry grass, leave for 15 minutes to infuse.Drink the broth should be ready to one-quarter cup of up to four times during the day.It is advisable to use this tool on an empty stomach.

In some cases, the patient categorically refused to accept the hormone pills for fear that it would damage the health.As an alternative, we propose to use herbs that restore the modified background woman.The success of the therapy is determined by the choice of means for correcting violations.Herbal remedies are not an exception, so the woman should not self-medicate and follow the advice of your doctor.Hormonal disorders can be normalized medical collection, composed of grass mother and stepmother, and sweet clover (the ratio of parts of the dry matter of the two herbs should be 10 and 1).The mixture is prepared in a water bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures , ready-made broth should be drunk three times a day for half a cup.At the same time taking hormonal preparations with herbs need to be under medical supervision.

Marina Solovyov