Garlic health: almost a panacea

Garlic health In cooking, garlic is used a long time ago: many national cuisine without this vegetable tantalizing aroma unthinkable.But garlic - is not only a means of defense against vampires and fragrant spices.Doctors claim that the garlic for the health needs as well as for the preparation of delicious Italian, French, Greek and Spanish dishes.


About garlic

Garlic - a distant relative of onion.These plants are similar in appearance and only bulb of garlic has lobed structure, called "garlic" literally means "split the bulb."

This is a perennial herb, native to South Asia.Garlic is known to people at least four millennia, and it was used from the very beginning, not only as food but as medicine.In the food consumed as a bulb of garlic and its young green shoots.

His popularity is obliged garlic spicy taste and specific aroma, appetizing.Today it is impossible to imagine without the garlic, for example, Mediterranean cuisine: spicy cloves impart a pleasant flavor and sharpness set of dishes throughout the world.

Medicinal properties of garlic, too, have been known since ancient times.So, along with onions garlic included in the diet of ancient Egyptian slaves, so that they remain strong, healthy and functional.Medicines from the plant intended for the Pharaohs - Garlic has been found, for example, in the tomb of Tutankhamun.With garlic juice people were rescued from epidemics of cholera and plague.A famous physician of antiquity Avicenna advised to consume garlic directly from all diseases.In ancient Egypt, there were more than twenty medicines based on garlic.

not less popular garlic in ancient Greece, Rome, his cultivated Indians, Assyrians, Jews and Arabs.The plant is mentioned in the Bible and the Koran, from which it can be concluded that garlic was of great importance in ancient culture.


odorous medicine

Garlic is rich in nutrients.This plant has antimalarial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect.Even in ancient Egypt garlic mixed with salt used as antipyretic.

According to modern medical, garlic may also have imunnomodeliruyuschee action.This is due to the fact that garlic increases phagocytes, macrophages and T-lymphocytes.Furthermore, garlic can be used for combating free radicals.


against bacteria and not only

In the XIX century Louis Pastor found that garlic can kill bacteria.But long before the discovery of garlic preparations on the basis used to combat a variety of infections, both bacterial and microbial or viral.For example, garlic - a recognized tool for the prevention of influenza.No wonder when they declare a flu epidemic, garlic has become the most popular product: those who include in the diet of garlic during epidemics, suffer on average three times less likely than those who neglect this measure.

Garlic kills viruses and helps the body resist disease.It is effective against salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus.With garlic, you can win and fungi genus Candida.


Digestive problems?

folk medicine used garlic to combat parasites.For example, garlic enema great help to get rid of tapeworms, and eating lots of garlic - excellent means of prevention of parasitic diseases.

garlic is effective in the fight against bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract.It improves digestion, helps to defeat diarrhea or bloating.However, all of these useful properties are under one condition: if a person can tolerate such treatment.The rest will have to look for other drugs, because if you are sensitive to garlic, this plant only irritates the gastrointestinal tract.



vascular diseases of the cardiovascular system - the trouble of the modern society, these diseases kill more people than cancer.Among the many ways to prevent such ailments garlic is not the last.It is proved that contained in this vegetable substances help to reduce "bad" cholesterol in the blood and at the same time - raising "good" cholesterol.

use of garlic helps to reduce blood pressure as a result of regular use strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation and reduces the load on the heart.

At the same time, doctors emphasize that completely cure hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases using garlic impossible useful vegetable to be used as an adjunct to drug therapy, but not instead of drugs.


Garlic Against Cancer

Garlic is considered a good tool for the prevention of cancer: its use reduces the risk of cancer by a third, or even half.However, this does not apply to all types of cancers, but only to gastric cancer Stomach cancer: genetics and lifestyle Stomach cancer: genetics and lifestyle and rectum.Also, the use of garlic reduces the risk of prostate cancer, breast, throat, kidneys and respiratory system.

course, garlic - not a panacea, but it is better to have it more often.Garlic can be used raw or cooked.Efficiency and preparations based on garlic.


smell of garlic might be an excellent aphrodisiac Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary , if not its specific aroma.If the dishes are seasoned with these vegetables, the smell is very attractive, the breath Smell (halitosis) - sometimes it is useful to close the mouth Breath (halitosis) - is sometimes useful to close the mouth after their use pleasant to name already does not.Besides the smell is very resistant, and cope with them can be difficult.

garlic preparations are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, patients with epilepsy and suffered from kidney disease.In its natural form garlic, of course, safer.And yet it is better not to abuse hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease , epilepsy and of course, you are hypersensitive.

Maria Bykov