Elderberries - ancient myths in the mirror medical facts

  • Elderberries - ancient myths in the mirror medical facts
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Elderberries - its useful properties This plant has powerful healing properties, it hits the folklore of almost all the countries where it grows.One of the many legends associated with the elder, says that Judas shortly after betraying Jesus Christ, it was hung on the tree.Yes, usually the elder bush grows and its branches are not strong enough to withstand the weight of a person, but it happens, and quite large, spreading tree.

The legends of many peoples told about living in elderberry witches and fairies;sleep under it was considered dangerous - because sleep may be enchanted fairies, and because the smell emanating from the leaves of elder, was attributed to a mild narcotic effect.

At the same time, in many countries, including Russia, elder planted near houses to protect themselves from the influence of the dark forces.In addition, the smell of elderberry leaves drove flies.Bouquets of elderberry branches hung on the barn door, attached to a harness horses, especially if sent on a long journey.It was also believed that the elder protects milk from prokisaniya.

near the bakery was bound to grow elder, and if not, wreaths made of branches of an elder ought to hang on the door.Protects from anyone else, but from the devil himself - believed to have liked to be there, where many furnaces and heat.At the same time make elder's house was desirable, except berries and flowers that have been used for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal properties of elderberry is truly remarkable.It helps against colds, flu, psoriasis, herpes, various skin diseases, strengthens the immune system, helps with constipation and obesity;effective in caries - and this is not a complete list of its beneficial properties.For colds is recommended to drink a decoction or elderberry syrup from her 2-3 times a day.It will benefit even people with HIV - it is recommended to regularly take tincture of elderberry.When skin diseases, apply tincture of elderberry juice or to the affected areas.It is very effective, however, as always, when you're dealing with medicinal plants, they need to be pre-tested.To do this, apply a little liqueur or juice in the crook of the elbow.If one day there will be irritation, then everything is in order, you can safely use this tool.

At the first sign of a cold drink 1-2 cups of tea from elder flower.It diaphoretic and antibacterial agent cause sickness leave in the shortest time.

elderberry can be planted in the garden - not necessarily in order to ward off evil spirits, but just for the beauty.It does not require special care, it is an excellent natural guard, in the early summer blooms white flowers in autumn covered with clusters of red or black berries.Elderberries take root in any soil;intense need to be watered only young plants.Once it is good to take root, you will only have to trim it regularly and cut stepchildren.The latter is particularly important - if not to get rid of the young shoots, elderberry can quickly spread to the lawn, beds and pet beds.This is a very strong plant - in all senses.


elderberry Sambucus nigra is a medicinal plant, as opposed to the red elderberry, which is quite toxic.Features color red elderberry fruit - they are bright red.In elderberry fruit purple-black with reddish-purple juicy flesh.Small and juicy fruit elderberry gathered in large clusters and do not crumble, even after leaf fall.The value of the fruits of black elderberry is that they are rich in vitamin C, potassium, carotene, amino acids, tannins, fructose Fructose - benefits and harms natural product Fructose - benefits and harms of the natural product , glucose and so on.

elder in traditional medicine

In folk medicine, used not only fruit, but also leaves, flowers, bark, black elderberry.The fruits of elderberry have their own healing power both in fresh and in dried.Fresh elderberries have been used successfully to treat hepatitis treatment of hepatitis - a difficult task Treatment of hepatitis - a difficult task , peptic ulcer disease and their prevention.Also fresh fruit helps with neuralgia.Dried fruits are used for the treatment of rare diseases such as malaria.It is believed that the healing properties of black elderberry is so high that it can be used as an aid in the fight against stomach cancer and skin cancer.In gastric cancer the patient should be given jam made from the fruit of elderberry, skin cancer squeeze the juice from the fruit and prepare to extract the wine.

not considered less valuable and black elderberry flowers, which contain essential oils choline, rutin, valerian, coffee and malic acid.From black elderberry flowers are preparing herbal teas and infusions, which have antibacterial properties and sweatshops.That is why they are particularly good help for colds, flu, influenza, respiratory diseases.To prepare necessary to take 1 tablespoon of black elderberry flowers and pour a glass of hot water.The mixture is brought to a boil and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.After that, cool, squeeze and used in the form of heat for half a cup 2-3 times a day before meals.This drug helps arthritis, gout, rheumatism.

leaves, bark and flowers of elderberry

elderberry leaves are healing well.Like the flowers, they have antipyretic, diuretic, astringent, soothing and sudorific effect.Applying steamed leaves well reduces inflammation, which is why they are used in the diaper rash, burns, inflammation of hemorrhoids, boils.There is a folk remedy for chronic constipation with young leaves of black elderberry.Young leaves have some laxative and tonic effect.For the treatment of chronic constipation is necessary to take honey, boil it young leaves elderberry and taken orally.

no less popular in folk medicine and bark of this plant.It is used for the broth, which is taken in diseases of the skin and kidneys.The broth is used for baths for gout, rheumatism and arthritis.Also, prepare a broth can be used as a lotion.

People cosmetology also uses the healing properties of black elderberry.For example, because its flowers can make a lotion that is applied to the face every morning and evening.To prepare the lotion, take 10 inflorescences and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water.Leave to infuse for a day.Thereafter, filtered and stored in a refrigerator.This lotion tones up the skin and make it younger.

Elder has for centuries used to treat wounds, colds and flu.In many countries, including Germany, elder flowers have been and remain a traditional remedy for many viral infections.Studies show that the chemicals contained in the flowers and elderberry, relieve swelling of the mucous membranes, and help eliminate nasal congestion.It is assumed that elderberry may possess anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer properties even.

The elderberry contains flavonoids - antioxidants that prevent damage to body cells.However, it is the action of an elder person is not well studied, and its effectiveness is questionable.

There are several types of elder, but in medicine most commonly used black elderberry.This plant is a rather large shrub up to nine meters.Elderberry prefer sunny places;It is most common in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia, although now it can be found in North America.During flowering bush appear large white blossoms;Berry first green, then - the red, and when mature, become black.

as drug use berries and elderberry flowers.

  • Elder cough and flu.Elderberries are widely used to treat colds and relieve symptoms of influenza.It improves the condition of patients, causing sweating and eliminating the nasal airway.Broth elderberry is a very effective remedy for cough.Standard extract of black elderberry - Sambukol, can reduce the duration of flu disease in about three days.However, a part of the funds will also include other herbs and vitamin C, and it is unknown what provides such an effect.
  • bacterial sinusitis.In one study, subjects with bacterial sinusitis with antibiotics were given elderberry extract.Patients in the control group received only antibiotics.Patients in the first group were recovering faster than others.

use elderberry

Currently, in many drugstores extracts, tinctures, syrups and capsules elder.Sambukol with 38% concentration of elderberry extract is intended for adults, with a concentration of 19% - for children.You can also buy or build their own flowers or elderberries.If you decide to do themselves gathering, choose elderberry bushes that grow away from the roads, factories and large settlements - in places such plants can accumulate toxins, which is better not to get into the human body.

Do not let any products containing elderberry children without consulting a pediatrician.

adults with colds and flu are advised to take four tablespoons Sambukola daily for three days.To prepare a decoction of the flowers elderberry pour 3-5 grams of dried flowers of one cup of boiling water and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes.Drink three cups of broth a day until complete disappearance of symptoms.


Plants can be a great alternative to some drugs, but do not think, but they are perfectly safe.They can cause side effects, and interact with other drugs and herbs.For this reason the use of any medicinal plants best under a doctor's supervision.

  • not eat unripe elderberries - they can be toxic.Ripe berries and should not be abused.
  • If used correctly elder for short periods of time (no more than five days), it is almost no side effects.
  • Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended for use in any kind of elder.
  • If you have autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications or lupus, before you apply the elder, you should consult with your doctor, because the plant has a stimulating effect on the immune system.

drug interactions

  • Diuretics.Elderberry has a diuretic effect, so it is not recommended to take concurrently with diuretics.
  • antidiabetic drugs.Elderberries can reduce blood sugar levels blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health , and in combination with antidiabetic drugs, it increases the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Chemotherapy drugs.Some of the substances contained in the elder, can interact with these drugs.Those who are undergoing chemotherapy, before use of elderberry is necessary to consult with your doctor.
  • laxative.Since the elder acts as a laxative, it can not be taken simultaneously with other laxatives.
  • Theophylline.Elderberry may decrease the effectiveness of theophylline - a drug used in asthma and other disorders associated with the work of the respiratory system.
  • drugs that suppress the immune system.Since elderberry has the ability to stimulate the immune system, it can reduce the effectiveness of medications that are used to suppress the immune system.Therefore, do not recommend elder people recently undergone organ transplants, as well as patients with a range of autoimmune diseases.
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