Natural remedies for the treatment of ovarian cysts - the basis of supply

natural treatment for ovarian cysts Most women do not realize that they have an ovarian cyst Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous? Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous? - as long as the tumor is not detected during ultrasound.With the help of some natural remedies for the treatment of ovarian cysts can get rid of them, and reduce the probability of their occurrence in the future.

cysts usually disappear as quickly, as there are, but in some cases it is beginning to grow and put pressure on the internal organs, causing symptoms such as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and pain during intercourse.When severe pain and / or bleeding you should immediately seek medical care as these signs may indicate ovarian cyst rupture gap ovarian cysts - requires emergency surgery Rupture of ovarian cysts - requires emergency surgery .


Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of ovarian cysts.It is recommended to limit the number of dairy and processed foods in your diet, and eat more fruits, dark green vegetables, and other foods containing a lot of fiber.It stimulates restorative processes in the body, and improves overall health.


evening primrose oil contains a lot of gamma-linolenic acid, which belongs to the essential fatty acids.This compound helps to cope with a hormonal imbalance, which leads to the formation of ovarian cysts.Vitamin E, omega-3 have potent anti-inflammatory effects and promote healing of damaged tissues.


  • Voronets racemosa - a strong natural remedy that helps to balance hormones.
  • Vitex sacred (Vítex agnus-castus) - long-known remedy for ovarian cysts.
  • Wild yam - natural antispasmodic agent which will facilitate the pain caused by a cyst.

These herbs are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.People who have chronic disease, before use of herbs should consult a doctor.

How to eat to relieve the symptoms of ovarian cysts

The main reason for the formation of ovarian cysts is the increased level of estrogen.It is known that fluctuations in the level of this hormone may be related to lifestyle, including - food.The basis of the diet for the correction of hormonal levels are natural products that do not increase the production of estrogen.

From what foods should be avoided

The following products may increase estrogen levels, and contribute to the emergence and growth of ovarian cysts, so it is recommended to exclude from the diet, or significantly limit their consumption:

  • Animal products:meat and dairy products;
  • Refined Products: fast food, all products made from white flour and contain preservatives and dyes;
  • Coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar.

abuse of such products not only leads to increased levels of female sex hormones in the blood, but also to an increase in cholesterol levels, which can have serious health consequences.In women, a diet food predominates vegetable origin, fewer are the problems associated with hormonal imbalances, and usually occurs after menopause.

What you need to have

based diet for the treatment of ovarian cysts should be the following types of products:

  • whole foods.So they called products in their purest, as a single entity - not treated, and do not contain artificial additives, such as preservatives or colorants.This - the best food for a healthy body and maintain normal hormonal levels.Such products contain the most nutrients, so if you eat them mostly, your need for additional vitamin supplements becomes significantly lower.
  • Herbal Products.The majority of your diet should consist of fresh or heat treated vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts and whole grains.Try to eat so that your diet is present fruits and vegetables of different colors - it helps you to get the greatest range of vitamins.
  • Healthy fats.The main sources of these fats are nuts, seeds, avocados, fish.
  • products with high nutritional density.So called products with the best nutrients and calories.By the nutrients are not only products and minerals, but also antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious use Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits and phytochemicals.

Such a diet will help normalize estrogen levels Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health , prevent constipation and accumulation of toxins - and these factors also contribute to the development of ovarian cysts.And still - try not to store food in plastic containers;is set, it also stimulates the production of estrogen.