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Aloe in the sinus Aloe is considered one of the most common houseplants.Being aware of its medicinal properties, many people engaged in its cultivation in the home.The plant can be used to treat a wide range of diseases, including inflammatory nature.Aloe in the sinus can effectively get rid of the pathological manifestations, even in case of prolonged chronic inflammatory process.

What type of aloe select

Aloe belongs to the evergreen plants grows well in the indoor environment.Currently, there are about 360 different species of Aloe Aloe - its amazing healing properties of Aloe - its amazing medicinal properties .All of them have medicinal properties, but at home you can often find agave, aloe aristata Aloe and folded.By the curative properties of aloe include:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • germicide
  • pronounced analgesic effect

For use aloe for medicinal purposes throughout the year there are no contraindications, the leaves can be harvested all year round.You should know that only the most useful are fleshy, thick, lower leaves.They must have a minimum length of 15 cm. Of the Rules of the collection does not exist, you need to break off a leaf or cut it.

Store aloe should be refrigerated, but before the leaves should be wrapped in a package to guard against drying out.After collecting the leaves should be protected from prolonged exposure to the outdoors.There are storage option when recommended leaves dry up, if necessary, long-term storage.Within two years, the dried leaves are useful, they are fully preserved all the medicinal properties.

Applications aloe

offered in folk medicine recipes you can find several options for how to effectively use the aloe in the sinus Sinusitis -when the puncture is needed Sinusitis - when a puncture is required .The most accessible method is to use a juice plant for instillation into the nose.After getting the necessary shearing leaf juice and drops instilled separately into each nostril.Pre-dilute the juice of boiled cooled water.Make more complex droplets, which aloe juice mixed with carrot juice Carrot Juice - benefits and harms of traditional Russian agents Health restoring Carrot juice - benefits and harms of traditional Russian Health restoring means (drops should consist of one of the two pieces of aloe and carrot juice).During the day, you need to bury the nose drops every five hours.In one procedure is enough to drip from three to five drops.There is another recipe drops, in which you need to mix aloe juice in equal proportions with honey and broth celandine herbs Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries .During the day, you can dig into the nose up to five times, the mixture after instillation must-spit.

For the treatment of sinusitis can prepare an alcohol tincture.This will require a few aloe leaves, one red pepper (it should be crushed) and grass celandine (enough to take a spoonful of dry grass pharmacy).It is important not to water for one week aloe, and only then to collect leaves.All components are blended in a container and pour vodka or alcohol (alcohol should be 50%).The infusion is necessary then leave in a cool place for ten days, so she insisted.This infusion of the patient should lubricate the nose, the projection of the paranasal sinuses.

Aloe is part of the treatment solution that can be recommended for the treatment of sinusitis.Sap is mixed with a solution of penicillin and Dimexidum chlorophyllipt in required proportions and the resulting solution turundy moistened and introduced into the nose.The disadvantage of this method is the necessity of frequent change of penicillin due to the reduction of its pharmacological activity.

Marina Solovyov