Thyroid: Treatment folk remedies - effective ways of healing

Thyroid Treatment folk remedies Many patients are unaware of the presence of thyroid disease, prefer folk remedies.Among the natural ingredients there are a variety of means, which have a therapeutic effect.Treatment of folk remedies thyroid should always agree with the endocrinologist in order to avoid possible complications, especially when it comes to natural remedies containing iodine.

it good to eat nuts for treatment

proved that a highly effective natural product is walnuts.They are recommended to eat in patients suffering from this pathology.Walnuts can be used in different variants:

  • eat every morning to 4 walnuts in combination with honey (just one teaspoon)
  • treated only by partitions from the walnut.To prepare the therapeutic infusion of the partitions needed to 500ml cans to be filled one-third partitions.Insist partitions on vodka (vodka container should be filled completely) within 21 days.The infusion consume on an empty stomach, drink a month three times a day for a spoon.Next you need to take a break for ten days and spend two more monthly rate.There is a good therapeutic effect after the completion of three courses of treatment
  • compresses can be used from the shell nuts that are applied to the location of cancer.Shell to cook, this is ground and brewed with oak bark for half an hour.Then ready solution moistened cloth and make compresses.You can make compresses for another recipe.Take walnut leaves, shells and walls, filled with a mixture of boiled water and infuse for an hour.That solution also moisten the cloth and applied to the neck, and the top should be covered with a special paper and wrap a warm scarf

Walnuts have useful properties due to the content of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.Of greatest importance is the trace elements iodine, which is essential for normal functioning of the prostate.Nuts are great to fill the shortage of iodine in the body, so their use is justified in the case of reduced function of the gland.If a person has a disease associated with hyperactivity cancer, the use of walnuts is contraindicated.There is a recipe that helps to restore the function of the gland, it is used for quite a long time.Walnuts in a powdered form to be mixed with the buckwheat and buckwheat honey (rump must first pass through a meat grinder).After mixing all the ingredients of the mixture must be stored only in glass containers.The mixture is used during the day, while other products can not eat, can only drink water How to drink water to lose weight How to drink water to lose weight or tea.During the week, only one such day clinical nutrition.A positive result can be obtained at the rate of at least two months of treatment.

plants with healing properties

There is a large variety of plants that can be recommended as a remedy for those patients who prefer to use natural remedies.Selective effect on the thyroid gland have a wild strawberry fruit, hawthorn flowers, royal jelly, flax seed, black chokeberry, citrus fruit (orange or lemon peel), garlic and other natural products.If time permits year, you can just eat the strawberries in a lot of fresh.From hawthorn flowers red alcohol tincture can be prepared (for this purpose using 70% alcohol).The infusion should be drunk on an empty stomach, a single dose is sufficient for 40 drops of tincture, which should be diluted in boiled water.On the composition of the fruits of black chokeberry different high content of iodine, so they need to eat the fruit without fail in the presence of thyroid pathology.Fruits triturated in equal proportions of one to one with sugar, resulting mash use spoonful three times a day.Very useful for thyroid various juices.They are made from carrots, potatoes, beets, pumpkin, cucumber, celery.You can recommend a few options recipes:

  • prepare juice from carrots, potatoes and celery
  • for another recipe can be used for juicing potatoes, beets, cucumbers

Fresh juice should be mixed and the mixture was drinking one-third cup throughout the day three times.Pumpkin juice drink in a pure form without adding any other ingredients in the same dosage.

simple and effective way is to plant the next collection.To cook it you need chamomile, flax seed flax seed : home doctor Flax Seed: Home doctor , buckthorn bark.You should also add everlasting, Motherwort, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness , dandelion (root only) and senna leaves.All components are taken in equal proportions, are thoroughly mixed.The mixture is calculated on a glass of boiled water, so it will be quite a tablespoon.It is necessary to leave the mixture to insist in it for thirty minutes, then strain and drink the entire infusion throughout the day.

If the patient revealed decreased functional activity of the gland, you can use a very simple means.It should make a necklace of garlic cloves Garlic health: almost a panacea Garlic health: almost a panacea and wear it at night.Healing properties in the thyroid gland has amber, it is recommended to wear amber beads (beads should be of unpolished amber).Amber is a natural product, so it is a fossil fossilized resin of conifers, which is extracted in the sea.Amber get succinic acid, it is associated with it a therapeutic effect of the stone.The effect on the entire organism in general exhibits strong acid biostimulating properties has systemic effects, which has found practical application in medicine.

Marina Solovyov