Treatment of thyroid herbs - a wide choice among medicinal plants

thyroid medication herbs Use a variety of recipes available to the traditional medicine, can be combined with the prescribed course of drug therapy or as the sole method of treatment.Everything is determined by the clinical picture of the disease.Very often, patients prefer monotherapy and decide to use only herbal remedies for therapeutic purposes.Treatment of thyroid herbs ensures normal functioning of the prostate, and the treatment course should be long.

versatile herb in the presence of thyroid pathology

With all the variety of medicinal plants can be selected herbs with a universal mechanism of therapeutic effects on prostate.This herb is considered white bloodroot.It is versatile, as it can be recommended for patients with reduced function and increased cancer.The regulation of the functional activity of cancer occurs regardless of the level of hormone production, due to the presence of elemental iodine and iodic acid anion contained in the plant.Potentilla content, its constituent substances characterized by high concentration of micronutrients such as magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, cobalt.

With the purpose of treatment drink alcohol tincture of the roots of Potentilla.To prepare it, you need to chop the root of the plant and fill it with one liter of vodka (per 100 grams of vegetable raw materials).Within a month, the infusion should be stored out of reach of sunlight (it can be dark dishes).The infusion of cinquefoil are advised to take shortly before the food in the amount of 30 drops.For a positive result it is necessary to spend a few treatment courses of one month, with a break between courses should be done in ten days.From a practical standpoint leaves Potentilla not find application in the treatment of thyroid diseases, since they have no sensitivity to iron.

Plants in the fight against disease

Among the plants that are in the medicine cabinet drug for diseases of the thyroid gland thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones , are the following, which were the most widespread in the case ofdisease.These plants include:

  • grass elecampane (flowers of the plant)
  • dried cherry bark
  • valerian root.The root is brewed with boiling water in a thermos (for one glass of water 10 grams of vegetable raw materials).A tablespoon of broth should be ready to drink up to six times a day
  • hawthorn flowers
  • yarrow, celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries , St. John's Wort Hypericum and its beneficial properties - whether a miracle? St. John , nettle, as well as fruits of mountain ash, buckthorn.These plants are best shown at a reduced function of the gland.Make sure the diet should include carrots, cabbage, lettuce and fruit (apricots, currants)
  • herb sage Sage - cvyaschennaya Sage - cvyaschennaya grass grass and flowers of calendula help relieve inflammation in the case of the infectious nature of the pathological process in hardware (for example,tireodit)

Herbs have a therapeutic effect, thus there is a beneficial effect not only on the breast tissue, but also on the whole body.On this basis, it developed a compound that was called "the elixir of health."To get it, it is necessary to mix carrot juice, beet and black radish with warm honey (all components are taken in the same amount one glass).The mixture is poured one liter of vodka.For convenience you can prepare an elixir in three-liter jar.Hereby mixture must in a refrigerator for two weeks.During storage, the infusion should not be shaken and after just two weeks, it is recommended to drain the infusion.Elixir should be taken before eating the food for half an hour to 30 g per reception.During the day, it is enough to drink three times.According to the available observations in the use of the elixir you can avoid surgery if the iron is increased and there is a question about its removal.The treatment course is long to the complete disappearance of the crop, so to get a result, treatment should not be interrupted.It is noted that at the termination of treatment, complete recovery does not occur, although there is a positive trend in reducing the size of an enlarged prostate.

Marina Solovyov