St. John's wort in the sinus - using natural antibiotic

St. John inflammation that develops in the sinuses, is an infectious nature.The main role in the fight against different types of microorganisms is given antibiotics.Many people prefer natural remedies for the treatment, and in this case, St. John's wort in the sinus is a great alternative when considering treatment options.

Possible use in sinus

In its natural properties St. John's wort is a unique plant with antibacterial properties, contributes to the destruction of a large number of pathogens that caused inflammation.We should not think that St. John's wort can completely replace synthetic antibacterials.Together with them, this plant increases the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions in chronic sinusitis Chronic sinusitis - impact on health Chronic sinusitis - the effect on health .Antibacterial, antiseptic properties of the plant due to the presence in the composition of volatile production.The main indications for St. John's wort is a chronic form of sinusitis.If it is an acute or purulent process, the treatment strategy should be radically revised.In St. John's wort also contains vitamins (vitamin C and PP), so this plant strengthens the immune system Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system and can be used to prevent to prevent the development of acute sinusitis.Important therapeutic properties include analgesic effect of St. John's wort in use, which is especially important in long-term course of the disease.

With the purpose of treatment can be used St. John's wort to local procedures or ingestion.At home, spend nasal lavage Hypericum infusions.Herbs pour boiling water (a glass of water, only one teaspoon), give the brew, necessarily filtered.Prepare a broth recommended several treatments throughout the day.If St. John's wort is indicated for sinusitis for internal use, it is necessary to prepare the infusion.The infusion is prepared at the rate of 20 g herb St. John's wort in a glass of boiling water.It is necessary to drink hot 150g for single dose per day to three times the duration of reception of this should be at least twelve days.

Efficiency of a combination of several herbs

Get rid of the clinical symptoms of sinusitis Sinusitis - symptoms of inflammation in the maxillary sinus Sinusitis - symptoms of inflammation in the maxillary sinus allows the use of specific therapeutic compositions of several plants.At home, patients can use such compositions for topical instillation into the nose or inhaled.Ingredients include the following plants:

  • St. John's wort (15 grams)
  • Cudweed (10 g)
  • chamomile (10 g)

These plants need to make individually in three cups.When they infusions, they should be thoroughly mixed.Such therapeutic mixture is instilled in the nasal passage of five drops three times a day.This composition can be used for inhalations.The duration of inhalation should not exceed five minutes, and only treatment required ten to twelve treatments.

St. John's wort can be combined with yarrow, burdock, plantain Psyllium - helps the kidneys and stomach Psyllium - helps the kidneys and stomach , Origanum vulgare, Calendula officinalis, bird cherry and other herbs for inhalation.At home, such a procedure is convenient to use a kettle on the nose that suits or paper funnel or tube through which the patient must breathe in hot steam.The need for repetition of the course of treatment the doctor must decide on the basis of an evaluation of the clinical course of sinusitis.

Marina Solovyov