Propolis: infertility treatment - healing waste product of bees

propolis infertility treatment On the possibility of the use of propolis for medicinal purposes has been known since ancient times.Back in the old Russia in a variety of medical manual referred to propolis as a component of many recipes.Over time, this knowledge of the properties of bee products have been significantly studied, so they began to be used in medical practice more widely.Propolis infertility treatment may be used as a part of complex therapy with basic drugs.

What are the biological properties of propolis has

As part of propolis have been found certain biologically active substances that give it a miraculous power.Case available fenokislot and flavonoids, which are phenolic compounds.The variety of active ingredients gives the product of beekeeping the following unique features:

  • antibacterial properties - propolis detrimental effect on the growth of gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial flora.The spectrum of activity of propolis gets more than 100 different species of microorganisms.The greatest bactericidal activity has fresh propolis
  • antifungal properties against different types of yeast fungi
  • antiprotozoal properties - propolis has the ability to inhibit the growth of parasites
  • antiviral effect
  • bio-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect

spectrum of effects of propolis on the body allows you to actively use itfor the treatment of many diseases, including the reproductive system.Infertility caused by male and female factors amenable to successful treatment of bee products.

On the application of bee balm in gynecology

Propolis (also known as bee balm or glue) helps primarily in the treatment of various inflammatory processes in the reproductive system, both men and women.In women, this disease may be the uterus or uterine cavity, the process of inflammation in men mostly localized in the prostate.Chronic forms of inflammatory diseases are one of the causes of infertility, so adequately matched complex therapy allows you to fully restore reproductive function.As part of the medical complex can be used propolis, which will enhance the properties of antibiotics, as well as reduce the risk of possible complications or side effects.

Another important range of action of propolis, the correction of hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous and disorders of the menstrual cycle.His miraculous healing properties of this product shows in the case of the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men, who are also the cause of infertility.In such a situation can be called propolis is indispensable, as the background of his admission there is complete recovery of sexual function.The application form is a variety of propolis - ointments, tinctures, water-alcohol solution.This unique product takes its healing properties when assigning it in combination with other drugs or as monotherapy when patients receive only propolis.In some cases of male infertility propolis is an alternative to surgical intervention.The use of propolis can achieve positive results in the treatment of infertility Infertility Treatment - What are the priority principles Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority , thus reduced the treatment time and dose of drugs that are part of the comprehensive treatment.

Marina Solovyov