Riboxinum during pregnancy - appoint a doctor

Riboxinum pregnancy few years ago Riboxinum come in many regimens for pregnant women.Today, obstetricians are increasingly inclined to believe that the use of the drug in pregnant women has been greatly exaggerated.And intravenous Riboxin during pregnancy is contraindicated.

How does the increased load during pregnancy on the woman's internal organs

During pregnancy, all the organs of women work with high load, which increases with the growth of the fetus.Especially hard for the heart, which should bring the blood to the tissues, not only pregnant women but also to the tissues of the fetus.If the heart muscle is not strong enough reduced, tissue hypoxia may develop mother and child.Hypoxia fetus develops in the case of impaired circulation in the placenta.This chronic lack of nutrients and oxygen in particular is very dangerous to the fetus, he begins to lag behind in development and lack of oxygen in the cells of the brain can occur irreversible changes.

Large load during pregnancy are the liver and kidneys.In the liver, break down and neutralize all toxic metabolic products from the body of the mother and child, and kidneys remove these substances from the body.Normal operation of the liver and kidneys are also very important during pregnancy.

Violation of the small blood vessels in the second half of pregnancy can lead to the appearance of swelling at first, then high blood pressure and complications from kidney and brain.Such a condition called preeclampsia.The proper function of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys can reduce the toxic effects of preeclampsia on the body of a woman and child.

How does Riboxinum during pregnancy

If you carefully read the instructions, you can see that nearly all the properties as a RiboxinIt could not be more suitable for pregnant women.For example, the basic properties of this drug are the ability to increase metabolism in cells (including protein synthesis - Riboxinum has anabolic effect) by improving its energy and increase stamina cells to oxygen deficiency (antihypoxia action).Primarily metabolism activated in heart muscle (myocardium) in the liver, kidney and stomach.

doing in myocardial cells, activate them Riboxinum metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things and it helps to improve its contractile ability.Simultaneously Riboxinum has antiarrhythmic effect and helps to restore normal heart rhythm.

in liver cells Riboxinum acts similarly: activating them metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , it helps to ensure that the cells produce more enzymes needed to convert toxic metabolic products in the neutral substance.The kidney tissue Riboxinum improves circulation, which leads to the active excretion of metabolic products from the body.

Riboxinum Do I need during pregnancy?

Thus, theoretically Riboxinum is an indispensable drug during pregnancy because it can cause the heart of a pregnant woman to work with greater force, the liver cleanse the blood of toxic substances, and the kidneys eliminate all the poisons and toxins from the body.But most importantly, it has anti Riboxinum that during pregnancy is probably the most important.

's just in practice, obstetricians are convinced that it is not so.Riboxinum hardly has on a woman's body no impact.That is, even if it is, it is so small that it is difficult to grasp.

course, this drug is given during pregnancy, today, and harm from its use, likely will not.Here only the pharmaceutical companies that produce this drug, for some reason, often reinsured and write that it is contraindicated in pregnancy.Why is this happening?Obviously because nobody conducts clinical research activities Riboxin pregnant women.The clinical practice of the drug in pregnant women is, and the position of clinical trials do not.That is why during pregnancy is contraindicated its intravenous administration.

have few contraindications of the drug, only hypersensitivity to its components, gout and high blood levels of uric acid salts Uric acid - a normal level? Uric acid - a normal level? .Since tablets Riboxin contains simple sugars, they do not take people with certain types of enzymatic deficiency.With careful use Riboxinum in renal failure and diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease .So

or not to accept Riboxinum during pregnancy?This question can be answered only by the attending physician.

Galina Romanenko