Djufaston during pregnancy - whether you want to take it?

Djufaston during pregnancy Djufaston appointed during pregnancy to prevent her miscarriage.The problem of miscarriage is very relevant today, since many factors prevent its proper leak, including neuro-psychological and emotional stress, inflammatory genital transferred woman.

Why does miscarriage

miscarriage or termination of pregnancy most often occurs during the first trimester, that is, in the first twelve weeks, but found later.Sometimes a woman suffers from habitual miscarriage habitual miscarriage - can and should be treated Habitual miscarriage - can and should be treated , when she was three or more consecutive miscarriages.The greater the miscarriage, the higher the risk that the next pregnancy will fail.After the third the risk of miscarriage more than fifty percent.

cause of miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? often are transferred inflammatory processes in the female genital area, hormonal disorders and immune system.

therefore increasingly obstetricians is prescribed in the first trimester of prophylactic treatment to prevent miscarriage.For this purpose, most commonly prescribed drugs - analogues of female sex hormone progesterone.This progesterone is "responsible" for the suppression of muscle contractions of the uterus and if it is not enough, there is a spontaneous miscarriage.

miscarriage called abortion up to twenty-two weeks, after this period, a process known as preterm birth and the child is considered to be viable.

How does djufaston pregnancy

Djufaston (international nepatetovannoe name - dydrogesterone) is a synthetic analogue of progesterone, which is available in tablets (natural progesterone is produced only in the form of an oily solution for injection that prolonged use of very uncomfortable)Belgian pharmaceutical company "Solvay Pharma".

Djufaston structurally similar to natural progesterone, but it is rapidly absorbed in the intestine if swallowed, into the blood almost completely bound to plasma proteins and in this form is delivered to the tissues.There it stimulates the growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus and its timely secretion and suppresses any contractile movements of her muscles, which is the prevention samopoizvolnogo abortion.In some cases, even djufaston able to stop already begun miscarriage.

addition, stimulates the production of progesterone djufaston Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology -induced blocking factor (PIBF), which is actively involved in the normal course of pregnancy.PIBF produced by T lymphocytes of the pregnant woman under the influence of progesterone and ensures proper restructuring of the immune system of pregnant women, aimed at maintaining pregnancy.With a deficit of PIBF disturbed immune system and begins to produce a large number of biologically active substances that cause rejection of the fetus (fetus begins to be seen by the body as a foreign body - antigen).Application duphaston stimulates the formation of PIBF, which prevents miscarriage.This is especially true when abortions, which are due to stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , as in this case the level of PIBF is reduced by more than half, and after receiving duphaston rises that prevents abortion.

Djufaston help in the case if a pregnant woman suffers from a chronic inflammatory disease (eg, chronic endometritis).In this case, it raises the level of immunological activity that leads to the "ejection" foreign substance (i.e., germ) of the body.Under the influence of increased education duphaston PIBF, which normalizes the immune system and the risk of miscarriage goes.

bulk duphaston excreted through the day with urine after a preliminary decomposition in the liver to metabolites.Products exchange duphaston differ from metabolic products of natural progesterone, which allows to set the level of the urine of the latter, without interrupting treatment djufaston.

djufaston This has no effect on carbohydrate metabolism (the woman is not gaining weight) and contributes to the preservation of the positive influence of female sex hormone estrogen.

Duphaston is an effective drug for the prevention and treatment of miscarriage.He passed the test of time sufficient both in domestic and in foreign clinics.It was established that djufaston prevents spontaneous miscarriage, without causing adverse effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Galina Romanenko