Bleeding during pregnancy - why it happens?

Bleeding during pregnancy Every expectant mother wants to pregnancy was uneventful, even better, perfect.But it is not always possible to bypass the pitfalls.One of the most common and serious complications of pregnancy is bleeding.The frequency of bleeding during pregnancy reaches twenty percent.It should be noted that not all bleeding pose a risk to pregnancy, but in any case when a bleeding Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology from the genital tract, seek medical advice.

causes of bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding can occur at any stage of pregnancy, including during labor, especially the risk of bleeding in the second half of pregnancy.Causes of bleeding varied:

  • cervical erosion;
  • ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous ;
  • implantation bleeding;
  • varicose veins of the vagina;
  • risk of miscarriage;
  • threat of premature birth;
  • placenta previa;
  • abruptio placentae.

Cervical erosion

during pregnancy due to the increased synthesis of hormones and increased blood flow to the genitals of cervical tissue soften and become loose.Against this background, bleeding easily occurs.It can occur after sexual intercourse, or spontaneously.Typically, spotting a bright red color, moderate or smearing, and terminated spontaneously.Such bleeding is not dangerous for pregnant women.

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is rarely lasts for more than ten weeks.The main signs of the disease are sudden attacks of cramping, until he lost consciousness and small dark spotting after the attack.The diagnosis is confirmed by a pelvic examination Gynecological examination: an important component of women's health Gynecological examination: an important component of women (uterus corresponds to the period of delay menstruation) and ultrasound.Ectopic pregnancy - is an indication for emergency surgery.

Implantation bleeding

Implantation bleeding occurs a few days after conception, usually corresponds to the period of delay menstruation.This bleeding associated with the introduction of the ovum in the lining of the uterine wall, where there is a partial separation of its destruction, and pieces of the endometrium.Implantation bleeding lasts for a few hours, the nature of discharge anointing, the color is dark red.Implantation bleeding is safe for pregnancy.

threat of miscarriage

causes of the threat of termination of pregnancy are numerous.The main symptoms are aching or dragging pain in the abdomen and lower back, the appearance of dark spotting, reduced basal temperature.If untreated, the threat of miscarriage result in spontaneous abortions characterized by cramping abdominal pain and heavy bleeding from the genital tract.The threat of abortion should be treated.

preterm labor

preterm labor occurs after twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy.The main symptoms: the emergence of uterine contractions or hypertonus, a possible rupture of membranes, early cervical dilatation.When the whole sac and normal fetal spend tocolytic therapy antispasmodics, tocolytics, alcohol solution or magnesium.At the same time carry out prevention of fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body and therapy to lung maturation of the fetus.

placenta previa

Placenta previa is a serious complication of pregnancy and is partial or complete coverage of the internal uterine os the placenta.On this basis allocate full and partial placenta previa.The main feature is repeated previa uterine bleeding, which appear in the second half of pregnancy.The intensity of the bleeding varies and depends on the type of placenta previa.Leaking blood is dark and very painless bleeding.Each subsequent bleeding becomes more intense.Clinical management depends on the duration of pregnancy, blood loss and the type of presentation.

premature detachment of the placenta

cause of premature detachment of the placenta has not yet been established.Contributing factors are: abdominal trauma, chronic illness pregnant, preeclampsia and others.Premature detachment is characterized by cramping abdominal pain, hypertonic uterus and external bleeding, which does not always happen.Bleeding of varying intensity, bright scarlet, not docked.The main method of treatment - is a surgical delivery.

Anna Sozinova