Headaches during pregnancy: an alarming symptom

headache during pregnancy headache during pregnancy is often the case, as in the first half, and the second.Faced with this unpleasant phenomenon, the woman is often lost, because everyone knows that the medication during pregnancy is best not to take.So what do you do if you have a headache very much?

why pregnant women may appear headaches

Hormonal changes make pregnant woman is very vulnerable and susceptible to the influence of various external and internal factors.Very often these changes begin in violation of the central nervous system (CNS).The state of the central nervous system depends on the secretion of hormones, the work of the circulatory system and internal organs, finally, spasm and muscle relaxation.

headache during pregnancy is often vascular or muscular character.

Vascular headaches during pregnancy

most common headache in pregnant women dependent on spasm or, conversely, a sharp relaxation of cerebral vessels.Spasm of the blood vessels used to say that a woman has disrupted the autonomic nervous system, responsible for the operation of smooth muscles located in the blood vessels and internal organs.At the slightest stress, nervous and mental or physical overload have a woman begins spasm of blood vessels, accompanied by headache.In spastic headaches against the background of vegetative-vascular dystonia help with vaginal suppositories papaverine papaverine - for pain caused by spasms of smooth muscles Papaverine - for pain caused by spasms of smooth muscles and aqueous extract of valerian root (but not alcoholate!).

headache may begin with an increase in blood pressure.It is dangerous during pregnancy, so a woman should see a doctor - perhaps this is the beginning of late toxicosis of pregnancy.In any case, to treat high blood pressure in pregnant women should be a doctor.

Sometimes the cause of the headache is low blood pressure, such a headache often accompanied by dizziness, and sometimes loss of consciousness, especially when a sharp change in body position (eg from horizontal to vertical).Will freshly brewed tea with honey or sugar and lemon.

Finally, the cause of a headache can be sudden sharp expansion of blood vessels of the brain, accompanied by a sudden headache (often on one side of the head), which is called migraine.Migraine is most often a hereditary condition, but sometimes it is the first time it appears during pregnancy.Migraine - this is serious, to relieve migraine headache in most cases requires a doctor's consultation.General recommendations: absolute tranquility and isolation from the sounds, smells and visual stimuli, a towel soaked in cold water on the forehead.

Muscle headaches during pregnancy

For some women, particularly common headaches as a tightening of the helmet on the head or hoop.Pain first occurs in a small area of ​​the head and then spreads to the entire scalp, forehead, upper neck.

arises is because our head is covered tendon helmet, which is closely adjacent to the bones of the skull.From tendons depart muscles of the head and neck, which allow us to make voluntary movements.When extreme fatigue that occurred against the backdrop of high physical or mental exertion, with nervousness (diseases arising from prolonged nervous tension and stress), osteochondrosis, diseases of the eye, prolonged squeezing tight head headdress occurs spasm of muscles of the head and neck, which are attached to the tendon helmet, the tendon stretches and compresses the skull.

When muscular headache, it is first necessary to establish the cause of its occurrence.If it was caused by stress and fatigue, it helps relaxation, leisurely walks in the fresh air and sedatives.If the cause of headaches, low back pain osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight Osteochondrosis - learn how to distribute the weight , then you need to rest more often, taking a horizontal position in order to reduce the load on the spine, in the second half of pregnancy is necessary to wear a special brace that supports the stomach.

Why else headache may occur in pregnant

Sometimes headaches begin for metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things , causing a malfunction occurs in the pain receptors of the head.During pregnancy, it is often the case at the very beginning, in early toxicosis.To improve the metabolism and recommended the proper management of a varied diet, daily routine with a clear alternation of moderate exercise and rest and drinking plenty of fluids.

Headache can occur when increased or decreased intracranial pressure.Increased intracranial pressure, such as the appearance in the brain of a bulk formation (tumor, abscess, hematoma after traumatic brain injury), which in turn will cause irritation to membranes of the brain and severe arching headache.Not so often the cause of headaches during pregnancy Headaches during pregnancy: what help themselves? Headaches during pregnancy: what to help themselves? , however, everything happens here and need the help of a doctor.

Headache can wear and neuralgic character during stimulation of sensitive nerve branches, ending in the head as a result of inflammation or injury.Thus there is an acute paroxysmal headache attacks are usually short, but frequent.To remove a headache, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease.

Headache is rarely any one species, usually it is mixed.For example, a headache caused by a spasm of blood vessels of the brain, often joins the muscular headache (a hoop on the head).Therefore, if headaches disturb the pregnant woman constantly, then you need to seek help from a doctor.

Galina Romanenko