Atsipol during pregnancy: is it permissible to use?

Atsipol during pregnancy Atsipol allowed for pregnant women.Therapists antenatal clinics (they have special training in the management of pregnant women) administered the drug at a dysbacteriosis and for the prevention of fungal infections of the mucous membranes (genital candidiasis and intestines).

problems that arise with health during pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal changes a woman, helping to reduce immunity.Since dropping to protect the body from infections, pathogens penetrate into the body, which previously existed peacefully on the skin and mucous membranes without causing disease.These infections are primarily fungal infections fungal infection: to prevent and defeat Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat , caused by the yeast Candida.As a result, women develop candidiasis (Candida) of the mucous membranes of the external genitalia, which is often associated with intestinal candidiasis.

Immunosuppression is often also leads to disruption of the relationship between the normal and the pathogenic intestinal microflora, that is to dysbacteriosis.Dysbacteriosis may begin in early pregnancy, and if left untreated, then the later stages it can deliver a lot of trouble a woman.It is expressed in the sense of goiter is constantly swollen abdomen (signs of flatulence), intestinal colic and unstable stool when diarrhea alternating with constipation.

Finally, goiter will contribute to further reduce the immunity of the fact that the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? intestines can not function as it should.All this leads to the fact that during pregnancy may start high pyo-inflammatory diseases, such as pustules on the skin.For pregnant women, it is dangerous because the infection through the blood vessels can penetrate into a variety of tissues and organs.

How to improve the body of a pregnant woman

Pregnant women are appointed to improve health probiotics and prebiotics - drugs that restore normal amount of usefulintestinal microflora.Atsipol is a probiotic, which means that it contains a colony of microorganisms that are representative of normal intestinal microflora.

Atsipol The composition includes live and inactivated by heating Lactobacillus kefir grains, which contain a specific water-soluble polysaccharide.These two components reinforce each other's effect and lead to the restoration of normal intestinal microflora.

Thus lactobacillus reduced the amount of normal microflora, and specific water-soluble polysaccharide kefir fungi in the intestines creates an environment conducive to the purification of harmful microorganisms and metabolic products.As a result, purification of the intestinal mucosa and stimulation of lymphoid tissue located in its walls.This leads to the fact that lymphoid tissue begins to actively produce immune cells that will undoubtedly increase the immunity of the female organism to various infections.

Result first impact on the state of the gastrointestinal tract: the appetite and improve the complexion, the stomach will no longer swell, pass intestinal colic.But most importantly - normal stools.It is very important for a pregnant woman, for two reasons.The first reason is that chronic constipation facilitated re insorption from the intestine into the blood, i.e. poisoning organism.Get rid of this, the woman will feel a surge of strength and vigor.

second reason to get rid of constipation is so important for pregnant women is that constipation during the second half of pregnancy, most women develop hemorrhoids, which can cause severe pain and blood clots in the field.Increased blood clots during pregnancy is dangerous in that they can zatrombirovatsya blood vessels of the placenta, and this is fraught with complications with the fetus.Therefore, obstetricians and internists antenatal try to prevent the formation of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease .Will this also Atsipol Atsipol - normalizes the intestinal microflora Atsipol - normalizes the intestinal microflora , which is healthier digestive tract.

Terms of pregnant women receiving Atsipol

First of all, a woman must know that no one drug (even the most harmless, such as Atsipol) it is not allowed to start taking their own.Only with the full control of doctors antenatal women can be guaranteed a favorable outcome of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

Atsipol pregnant women are usually given short courses (up to seven days) in five doses at the reception three - four times a day.But perhaps the doctor deems it necessary to apply a different dosage regimen.

Atsipol during pregnancy can relieve a woman of many problems.

Galina Romanenko