How to save the sight in Pregnancy: attention to detail

preserve vision during pregnancy If a pregnant woman, there are problems with your vision, it means that it requires particularly careful observation ophthalmologist, as influenced by various hormonal changes, early or late pregnancy toxemia vision can always change for the worseside.But sometimes, and vice versa - vision during pregnancy improves.

What happens with vision during pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy affect the operation of all organs and tissues, including the organ of vision.Signs of impairment may be deterioration of vision of distant objects, flashing "flies" in front of the eyes.Sometimes it becomes very sensitive conjunctiva and women who for years wore contact lenses before pregnancy, during pregnancy can not wear them.These symptoms can occur at any time during pregnancy, they do not necessarily represent any serious impairment, however, understand this can only ophthalmologist.

In any case, during pregnancy it is recommended to visit the ophthalmologist twice: at the beginning and at the end - before birth.This is especially significant for women suffering from myopia Myopia - when visual acuity falls Myopia - when visual acuity falls high.Eyeball they increase in size, the retina (a thin layer of nerve tissue located inside the back of the eye - this is where the perception of the image and its transmission to the brain) is stretched, stress during the birth of her detachment may occur, resulting inloss of vision.The extended retina occur metabolic disorders (dystrophy), which contributes to further thinning.Any disease of the retina significantly affect vision.

Retinal detachment - is a serious complication that can occur at high physical exertion, including during labor.Therefore, women with a high degree of myopia is often recommended for a caesarean section.Symptoms of retinal detachment Retinal detachment - do not delay the operation Retinal detachment - it is not necessary to delay the operation : distorted contours of objects appear blurred or dark spots before the eyes, which did not move when I looked.

Macular degeneration can also occur in diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease , stroke, cardiovasculardiseases.

During routine inspection ophthalmologist detects the presence of a pregnant woman and her degree of myopia, looks at the condition of the blood vessels of the eye fundus reveals the presence of delaminations and sprains of the retina.

What should be done to preserve vision during pregnancy

First of all, you need to visit an ophthalmologist and perform all of its recommendations.If the nearsightedness is small and ophthalmologist revealed during the inspection of the fundus changes, to prepare for the high loads during childbirth can be with special physical exercises.First you need to go through the school of motherhood, to learn to breathe correctly how to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques and push during delivery.It is very important to preserve the view, after all the efforts of women should not be sent up to the head, and down to the expulsion of the child from the birth canal.If a woman makes an effort incorrectly, the voltage goes to the head, the blood rushes to it, including the blood vessels in the fundus of the eye that can cause them to rupture and hemorrhage.

In addition, it is necessary to do and special exercises for eyes that can prevent the spread of myopia.For example, this: on the window in his room to stick on the glass is small, less than a centimeter in diameter, a circle of bright colored paper and use it to perform special exercises several times a day.Perform each exercise as follows: at a distance of about 30 cm from the pasted circle close one eye, hand, and the other to look at the queue is in the circle, then an object outside the window, located as far as possible;then do the same exercise with the other eye.

But if myopia progressing and the fundus there is a change, the ophthalmologist can offer a woman with short-sightedness, planning a pregnancy, laser vision correction.This procedure requires special equipment, but for the patient it is not traumatic, as carried out quickly and painlessly in a clinic.Under the influence of the laser beam retina becomes stronger and less prone to stretching and detachment.In some cases, after such an operation, a woman with severe myopia permit the natural childbirth cesarean section instead.Laser vision correction should be done before pregnancy, during pregnancy as a barrier to its implementation can be a pain relief - it is not always safe for a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy - a time when women need particular care of their health, including vision.

Galina Romanenko