Reglan in pregnancy: save from toxemia?

Reglan during pregnancy Pregnancy is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, especially in the first 12 weeks (first trimester).Some women barely tolerate these early months.Possible to use with any medicaments which reduce nausea and vomiting, such as Reglan?

Why are there early pregnancy toxicosis

early toxemia of pregnancy occurs in the first 12 weeks and is manifested by nausea, vomiting, drooling and some other features.Partly nausea in early pregnancy worries almost all women, but for some it becomes unbearable and accompanied by vomiting.Frequent vomiting leading to dehydration and this state already requires emergency: a woman is usually hospitalized and restore the state of the body using an intravenous drip transfusion of various medicinal solutions.

arises early pregnancy toxemia due to the fact that pregnancy hormones change dramatically, affecting the nervous system.In addition, the growing fetus in the mother's body comes metabolic products, which adversely affect its overall condition.After 12 weeks of pregnancy in a woman's body starts functioning placenta, which neutralises the metabolic products of the fetus, and the phenomenon of early toxicity are usually held.

What is Reglan and how it operates

Reglan - is an antiemetic drug mechanism of action is based on blocking the receptors that transmit impulses from the lower part of the stomach and duodenum to the vomiting center located in the brain.As a result of the fact that the brain does not receive information about the stimulation of these receptors, the gastrointestinal tract is working normally, physical activity did not slow down, the contents of the stomach in a timely manner, without stopping, moves into the duodenum and continue to actively moves on small and large intestines.

active movement of the stomach muscles to prevent flow of food from the stomach into the esophagus from the stomach into the duodenum, so after applying Cerucalum are nausea, vomiting and hiccups hiccups - but if it's something serious? Hiccups - and if this is something serious? .

Cerucalum indications for use are nausea, vomiting and hiccups of various origin (except for violations of the vestibular system), violation (weakening) of the motor activity of the stomach, intestines and bile duct, inflammation of the esophagus accompanied by the constant regurgitation of food (reflux esophagitis), crampsstomach in place of its transition into the duodenum and so on.

Reglan is contraindicated in bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract and its obstruction, perforation of the stomach wall or bowel, adrenal tumors, seizures, certain types of hormonal tumors (depending on the pituitary hormone prolactin), increased intraocular pressure, pregnancy (I term can not be applied,II and III trimester - only in agreement with your doctor), breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! baby and children up to two years.

Can I appoint tserukal pregnancy

Reglan is not recommended during pregnancy, because it helps to activate the smooth muscles of internal organs.Causing an increased muscle tone of the gastrointestinal tract, it can simultaneously increase the muscle tone of the uterus, which would result in a spontaneous miscarriage.This is especially dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy.But then, in the second and third trimester of this threat also remains.In addition, Reglan stimulates pituitary hormone prolactin, which promotes the development of human milk, while muscle contractions of the uterus.

Despite the fact that the instructions for use are clearly indicated Cerucalum contraindications in pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, many gynecologists prescribe it, even at the beginning of pregnancy.But at the same gynecologist assesses overall status of women and tone muscles of the uterus.If vomiting and nausea is so pronounced that the general state of suffering, but the tone of the muscles of the uterus is not elevated, then Reglan Reglan : help against nausea Reglan: help against nausea it is possible to assign.That's just the woman to do it yourself can not - it is not able to estimate this figure.

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy risk of miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? reduced, so the application instructions stipulated that it can be administered in the presence of strict indications.But there may be another danger: Cerucalum side effect is stimulation of aldosterone secretion (adrenal hormone) helps delay the body's salt and fluid), which can enhance the symptoms of toxicosis second half of pregnancy - preeclampsia, a much more severe complications than the first half of pregnancy toxemia.

Reglan - a drug that can be used during pregnancy only if prescribed by and under the constant supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Galina Romanenko