Seat belt for pregnant women - should I use them?

seatbelt pregnant Some women continue to drive even at high pregnancy, and they do not even suspect that even invented special belts for pregnant women.And it was during pregnancy so dangerous even minor injuries, they are dangerous not only for the mother but for the child.

History seatbelt

belts were invented in the early twentieth century, but fifty years later they found a practical application and started saving lives.And in the early 21 th century American automobile company "Ford" has started creation of the first seat belts for pregnant women, the reliability of which will be tested long-term studies.The complexity of this work was that the invention had to be tested for pregnant women.Therefore, for this purpose it was created a dummy of a pregnant woman, who was given the name Linda.We investigated the load on all kinds of tissues in case of accidents, involving and Linda, and the usual dummies.The first belts based on these developments, there will be in 2010.

These studies have also shown that no special belt for pregnant women is required.The usual three-point seat belt is not harmful to the baby when properly fastening: superior oblique branch must lie on the shoulder, and the horizontal - as low as possible under the belly, not pushing it.

And yet, the conventional belt is inconvenient for the pregnant woman.So now on sale there are special seatbelts for pregnant women, the safety and suitability of which are not tested on the basis of long-term studies, but only on the basis of crash tests (crash test - a test of the safety of a re-creation of the accident and identify the level of damage that is able to applyaccident passengers).

more dangerous road injury to a pregnant woman

car accidents are a common cause of fetal death, regardless of whether the pregnant womandriving or sitting next to the driver.Thus, pregnant women often do not wear a seat, because they believe that it could harm the baby.When analyzing the consequences of the accident, it was found that almost half of the children killed could have been saved if a pregnant woman was wearing a seat belt.In most cases fetal loss when injuries occur from premature detachment of the placenta, which can threaten the life of not only the fruit but also women, as is often accompanied by heavy bleeding.

In the later stages of pregnancy is not recommended for women to drive a car, because they can occur suddenly dizzy Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , weakness or fainting, which often accompany pregnancy.

Proper use of the seat belt

If a pregnant woman is still necessary to get behind the wheel, it will have to wear seatbelts, as in pregnancy, even emergency braking can be dangerous.There are rules fixing belt for pregnant women, because if the belt is located on the abdomen, and the car suddenly braked abruptly, it could lead to the threat of miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? .

seat belt is fastened so that the lower branch was held under the belly, keeping the hips and the top - from the left shoulder in the center of the chest.Can be fastened and so that the upper branch of the belt lying over the chest, and bottom - under the breast, belly up.The belt should also be adjusted in advance, given the characteristics of the pregnant woman: it should be neither too taut nor hang freely.In domestic cars it is enough just to move the fixture, regulating the length, and foreign cars need to do is remove the attachment and change the belt tension.

Types seatbelt

There are special seatbelts for pregnant women with restraining devices that can reliably move the normal seat in the abdomen and fix it in this position.Such a device is attached to the seat cushion and that increases the ride height of the pregnant woman, which greatly reduces the risk of abdominal trauma.These types of seat belts are domestic firms Globex and FEST.This device saves a pregnant woman from the blows that can happen during emergency braking, even under heavy accident.These belts recommended for use with early pregnancy.

There is another kind of seat belts for pregnant women, as well as attachment to them that are called «Maternity seat belt».They are different from conventional seat belts that are more elastic and have not three, and four attachment points, in this connection, the pregnant does not feel the pressure on my stomach and protected from possible injury.

Pregnant women should know clearly right: put on a seat belt can save her and the baby from big trouble.

Galina Romanenko