Location of the placenta - how dangerous anomaly?

the location of the placenta on pregnancy and birth is influenced by many factors.These include not only the behavior of the pregnant woman, but her disease before pregnancy and during it.From this it depends on the location of such an important organ of pregnancy, the placenta.Where it should be located placenta is normal, and why the process is sometimes disturbed, such questions often asked pregnant women.

What is the placenta?

placenta or afterbirth - an important organ of pregnancy, which has many features.Through the placenta the child not only breathes and receives nutrients, but it still provides him with antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers from mom and produces hormones that preserve the pregnancy and to ensure normal growth and development of the baby.

Types location of the placenta

Normally, the placenta is located closer to the bottom of the uterus at the back or the front wall of her.This localization is convenient because in this location the placenta is in the "Safety" and better carry out their functions.However, the placenta "likes" attached to the pathological areas (eg, in the area of ​​the scar on the uterus or the location of the fibroids).Because the placenta, in the presence of some pathologies of the uterus, are not always located in the bottom of the uterus.Cases and its abnormal position.These include low attachment of the placenta and its presentation.

The low placenta previa and placenta

low location of the placenta (low placentation) - This attachment of the placenta at or below six centimeters from the internal cervical os.Usually detected only in the US and is not fraught with any danger.Normally, due to the "migration" of the placenta rises above the end of pregnancy.

placenta previa - it is a formidable diagnosis, and can be of three types: edge, side and full.About

marginal previa say when the placenta is no more than a third, covers the internal os.In a side previa overlapping internal os reaches two-thirds.At full well, or the central previa, the placenta completely covers the cervical canal lumen.

clinical picture of placenta previa

most dangerous symptom previa - the bleeding.It usually begins suddenly, for no apparent reason and may be of varying intensity.But bleeding can contribute to factors such as physical activity, coughing, constipation, taking a bath and even a nervous stress.Bleeding is unpredictable, it can begin with light spotting, and then suddenly go into abundant, and even profuse.Usually bleeding starts with placenta previa in second trimester of pregnancy, but particularly dangerous time - it is 28-32 weeks.In this period there is a preparatory activity of the uterus, that is, increases its tone, resulting in premature detachment of placenta previa and bleeding.

placenta previa often accompanies permanent (often repetitive) threatened miscarriage.As a consequence of persistent bleeding, anemia occurs and hypotension (low blood pressure) pregnant.This is accompanied by weakness, lethargy, fatigue and changes in skin, hair and nails.

Due to improper location of the placenta and its supplementary anemia Anemia - when you do not have enough blood Anemia - when you do not have enough blood , developing fetoplacental insufficiency placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm Placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm , later turning into vnuriutrobnoy syndrome, fetal growth retardation.

often with placenta previa malposition (lateral or oblique).

Diagnostics location of the placenta

Very good location of the placenta determined by ultrasound.Today it is the easiest and safest method for the determination of placenta previa.However, in an emergency, such as bleeding when there is no time or opportunity to conduct ultrasound examination is made of the cervix in the mirror in order to detect the site of the placenta in the cervical canal Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person .It is important that the examination is carried out very carefully, only in the maternity hospital and the presence of "expanded" operating.

delivery with placenta previa

Thus, pregnancy with complete previa rodorazreshaetsya only by Caesarean section.If there are no complications, elective surgery is carried out in 38 weeks.

Pregnant women with side or edge previa may "let" in the separate generations, with no or minor bleeding, with the early opening of the membranes open and operating.

Anna Sozinova