The main fear of pregnancy: no superstition

fear of pregnancy Fear of pain during childbirth, a set of excess weight, birth of a child with disabilities - the most common fears of expectant mothers who are going to know the happiness of motherhood for the first time.All these fears have a well-founded answers that may be able to reduce them.

illegally using drugs

If you took the drug, the dangers of which have learned later, do not panic.Firstly, often one is not able to receive much harm.Then, a lot depends on the type of medication and the time of reception (at what stage of pregnancy it was taken).Only a doctor can answer the question - whether the drug is dangerous for you, so if you suffer from fear of the unknown, do not delay a visit to a specialist.

If you are worrying line in the instructions to the drug that it can not be taken during pregnancy, it is also necessary to calm down, because it is not always says that it is dangerous.The fact is that in the laboratory may not conduct tests on pregnant women, so caution thus avoiding undesirable consequences.

Can provoke coughing baby?

cough can cause a reduction in the wall of the uterus, which is meant by birth, so no such risk.Another thing - the very disease: Flu Flu - expect the unexpected but always Influenza - expect the unexpected but always , acute respiratory infections, which can cause damage.Your doctor may recommend taking acetaminophen Paracetamol - is effective in moderate pain Paracetamol - is effective for moderate pain or treated with honey, decoction of herbs, but those that are safe for the baby.The real danger to the fetus is a high temperature, as it reduces the supply of oxygen to it, just as during asthma attacks.If you are asthmatic, be sure to talk about this with your doctor, who will prescribe medications required to take during pregnancy.

Do I need to give your cat during pregnancy?

In that case, if you are not immunized against toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis: pregnant women against cats Toxoplasmosis: pregnant women against cats , it is best during pregnancy to give your cat.It can leave if you are not in contact with it, and there are people who will take care of all of it related to feeding, toilet, and so on.Toxoplasmosis, which can be transmitted by cats, dangerous because it can cause fetal malformations Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week .

possible to lose the baby during amniocentesis (amniocentesis)?

This risk exists, but it is very small - only 1-2% of probability.This fear of women worried about after 35-38 years, when the increased risk of having a baby with extra chromosome.However, amniocentesis - are not the only way to determine this possibility, however, it is the most accurate.If you are afraid of this procedure, you will be offered alternative ways.

Weight gain during pregnancy

Optimal weight gain during gestation baby - 8-12 kg.Everything depends on the initial state of the expectant mother - a skinny girls usually gain more weight.If you notice that a rapidly fattening, you should see a doctor, who will adjust your nutrition through a balanced diet.Significant weight gain too dangerous for a child who may be born as a fairly full, and for the mother and for which the related health problems.

pain during childbirth

That hurts to give birth, they know everything, and it is almost impossible to avoid.Some women experience more severe pain, while others - less.It all depends on the individual mood and physical condition - from the tone of the muscles, ligaments in the pelvic area, the position of the fetus, the length and intensity of contractions.Sometimes, doctors may suggest anesthesia, but few recognized that it does not always save us from pain.Approximately 20% of women does not respond to anesthesia.Only one way out - to endure.