Enterofuril - help with the intestinal infection

Enterofuril intestinal antiseptic Enterofuril - a modern drug that belongs to the group of nitrofurans.Drugs in this group (eg, furazolidone) has long been successfully used to treat intestinal infections.A positive feature of these products is the lack of addiction to them pathogens.

Enterofuril - nitrofuran derivative

nitrofuran derivatives - are chemical compounds, which include a nitro group, they have antibacterial properties, and sometimes even in relation to pathogens resistant to antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help youin the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? .Drugs in this group are active not only in relation to the bacterial microflora, but also with respect to Giardia, Trichomonas, they are also used to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases of the kidney and urinary tract (furadonin) as topical antiseptics (eg, gargling - furatsilin).

Until recently, the drugs of nitrofurans ingestion causes a number of side effects, sometimes significant, so they are not widely used.But Enterofuril relates to novel formulations nitrofuran series which hardly absorbed in the intestine and have no significant side effects, thus providing a pronounced inhibitory effect on gram-positive and gram-negative microflora, cause intestinal infections.To pathogens exhibiting sensitivity to enterofurilu include E. coli, various kinds of pathogenic staphylococci and streptococci, salmonella Salmonella: unknown facts Salmonella: unknown facts , Shigella and other pathogens of intestinal infections.

Enterofuril peculiarity is that it is resistant to any sensitivity to infectious agents without developing addiction.This allows you to use this medication more than once, without fear of complications such as goiter: Enterofuril not suppress vital functions of normal intestinal microflora than favorably with antibiotics.

In severe intestinal infection Enterofuril prescribed along with antibiotics - it is compatible with any drugs.When injected into the gastro-intestinal tract it is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, acting locally in the gut, and therefore almost never give adverse effects.These features allow you to assign Enterofuril children, starting with the month of age, and pregnant women and nursing mothers.

whom and how to assign Enterofuril

Any intestinal infection should be treated the doctor as nedolechennaya or improperly treated the infection can produce severe complications.This is especially true for children.Therefore, an intestinal infection should be treated under laboratory control: an infectious agent is detected, its sensitivity to antibacterial agents to continue holding control of cure.

In acute intestinal infection Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer Enterofuril appointed first in blind, without test results, and then, if necessary, corrected destination.In chronic enterocolitis treatment of infectious origin enterofurilom assigned only in case of sensitivity to pathogen infection.Do not appoint Enterofuril at worm infestations.

Contraindications and side effects

Enterofuril non-toxic drug, its toxicity was tested in laboratory and animal studies, it was found that even relatively high doses of the drug do not cause acute poisoning.But overdose is possible, it appears as an ordinary poisoning, so it is advisable to stick to the recommended doses.

Administration to animals in laboratory studies Enterofuril for long periods (up to six months) did not reveal any signs of discomfort, and teratogenicity (congenital malformations), mutagenic (genetic defects) or carcinogenic (to cause cancer) effects.

Side effects are only known allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat .In addition, Enterofuril (like all other drugs nitrofuran series) is not compatible with alcohol.It causes sensitization (allergy) of the organism to alcohol, which leads then to the emergence of severe responses of the body.This property nitrofuran drugs used to treat a number of patients with chronic alcoholism - produced a negative reflex to receive alcoholic beverages.

Application Enterofuril contraindicated if you are hypersensitive drug by the body of the patient and in the neonatal period (the first month of life).With special care of his attempt to appoint premature babies.

Galina Romanenko