Tavegil for children - it is used to treat allergies after one year

tavegil children Tavegil has several dosage forms, including dosage form, designed by the manufacturer specifically for children - syrup.This drug is today widely used for the treatment of allergic diseases in children older than one year.

Tavegilum effect on the child

Tavegil - is an effective drug that is able to suppress the allergic processes, while acting quickly and fairly long (up to 12 hours).

mechanism of action of this drug is associated with blockage of H1-histamine receptors located in different organs and tissues of the body of the child.Through these receptors (sensitive to histamine molecule) the histamine enters the center of an allergic reaction.Tavegil blocks the action of histamine H1-receptor, histamine does not enter the center of allergy and allergic reaction does not develop (if tavegil was adopted in advance) or develop much easier (if tavegil was adopted after its inception).

Which diseases children assigned tavegil

most common allergic disease in infants (up to two - three years) is atopic dermatitis.It is a congenital disease that begins to develop around the age of two months.The signs of atopic dermatitis are redness and swelling of the skin, where there are blisters.The bubbles burst, the body surface becomes wet, erosion and ulcers appear, and then brown.As a result, the baby's skin mottled pattern is observed in the form of the simultaneous presence of various elements of an eruption - vesicles, erosions, ulcers and crusts.

Atopic dermatitis is difficult to treat.When this choice is very important antihistaminic drug.In children, they often act individually, so they have to appoint by selection.Tavegil usually affects children with atopic dermatitis: it dries the skin, helps to relieve swelling.

After three years of atopic dermatitis often becomes atopic dermatitis, where the skin appears itchy rash point, but due to constant scratching the skin thickens and takes on a characteristic appearance.Tavegil can help these children.

addition antiallergic action tavegil has also significant sedative and hypnotic effect.This is important in the treatment of skin allergies in young children, as long itching and pain they cause persistent damage to the nervous system and sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .

in preschool and school age children often suffer from seasonal or year-round views of allergic rhinitis (runny nose).This nasal congestion can be very strong, the child absolutely can not breathe.Sometimes, such a child for a long time buried vasoconstrictor nose drops vasoconstrictive nose drops - use with caution! Vasoconstrictor nose drops - use with caution! , that after five days can lead to permanent, untreatable, the expansion of small blood vessels of the nasal cavity and constant swelling in the area.

Tavegil in this case is often the drug of choice (unless, of course, the child is not in school - sleepiness caused tavegilom may hinder learning).Under the influence of Tavegilum reduced or like swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose, runny nose reduced and the child breathes freely.

often during the warmer months children develop allergic processes to insect bites.The child after a year in this case, you can give a one-time tavegil syrup from one to three years - 2-2.5 ml, from three to six years - 5 ml, 6 to 12 years - 5.10 ml over 12 years- 10 ml.

In some cases, the child should not be prescribed tavegil

Tavegil can not be given to children under one year.After a year tavegil appointed as a syrup, and after six years of a child may have to take pills Tavegilum.But it can be done only on prescription.

Tavegil children are not prescribed for lower respiratory diseases - bronchitis, pneumonia Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes , bronchiectasis, bronchial asthma.It can not be used in these cases because tavegil reduces mucus in the bronchi and makes viscous phlegm.This mucus is able to score the bronchi and cause their obstruction - obstruction, which greatly complicate the disease.

In bronchial asthma after bronchial bronchospasm in a viscous, difficult to expectorate mucus child.If you assign in this case tavegil, the viscosity of sputum will be amplified, causing obstruction and could trigger a new attack of bronchospasm.

With great care and individually selected dosage prescribed tavegil child in if he had received any drugs that suppress the central nervous system.Do not use tavegil well as increased sensitivity to the body of the child.

Tavegil well removes allergy in children allergy in children - how to help your child? Allergies in children - how to help your child? after a year, but do not forget that for the treatment of allergic diseases of the drug the child should appoint a doctor.

Galina Romanenko