Autism is a child: the world in a different light

autistic child Children suffering from autism, differently than other children perceive the world.These children are difficult to engage in conversation with other people and express their thoughts and feelings through words.Children with autism usually keep away from others, and many of them can not communicate without the help of a specialist.

They can respond to the strange events that occur around them.Ordinary sounds can scare this child so much that he will close his ears with his hands.Many of them do not like to touch, even the lightest.

Features of behavior

child with autism, as opposed to a healthy baby, can not easily make friends with other children.For example, when someone smiles, we know that this person is happy or friendly set.But a child with autism is difficult to associate with a smile joyful feeling person.

these children is difficult to associate the words with their meanings, as well as to choose the right words to express his thoughts.

behavior of a child with autism can be strange.They can wave their arms like wings, again and again repeated the same words fly into a rage, or play only with a certain toy.Most of them are hard to tolerate any changes or deviations from the traditional way of life.

development of autism in a child is a violation of an important function of the brain - a function of understanding the world.Every day, our brain interprets the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations that we receive.If the brain can not help in the understanding of this information, disrupt the entire process of life of the child.He can not talk, go to school and do lots of other everyday things.The disease can take place in an easy manner, delivering a child only a small problem.In severe autism child needs constant care and attention.

How to help an autistic child

Helping your child with autism - a very difficult task, as it required a constant, intense and multifaceted care.Typically, children with intelligence 60-70 improvements in language skills appear to 5-6 years.

How to help your child:

  • child should be part of the family, but not its center.Excessive attention of parents did not benefit from any child.
  • Consistency and persistence.Autistic child needs to establish clear regulations, which he will be able to follow on a daily basis.If a parent behaves in an unorganized and trying to convert a bunch of things at once, the child can respond to this situation in a strange way.
  • Praise the child must always be the same words.The same applies to the expression of dissatisfaction with his behavior.Children with autism are not able to learn from its experience.Each situation is completely new to them, even if the same thing happened to them yesterday.
  • To eliminate unwanted behaviors of the child, his actions need to be adjusted.In order to strengthen the motivation to be heartily praise the child.In one remark should account corrective ten proposals praise.
  • must learn for some features distinguish when a child is going to behave correctly, and prevent the situation from the start.The child may cry or refuse to look into the eyes of parents.
  • should be careful and understand the warnings, give him clear instructions to help him cope with the tasks, while remaining impartial, and then praise him.
  • child with autism need to explain in advance what you are going to do.Changes lead them into confusion.
  • necessary to choose the best training program that best meets the needs and abilities of the child.The course of treatment for autistic children of preschool age is offered a special training program.
  • The health department or pediatrician you must know which kindergartens and day schools are in your area.You can also ask for information to Internet resources.

It must be remembered that for a child with autism, and for its successful development is extremely important in the whole sequence.