Advantan: Cream - for children is the same as for adults

advantan cream for children Advantan in the form of a cream for topical application is assigned, both adults and children.But if an adult can afford to use this cream for a while without a prescription, the children (especially the year before) on their own parents can not apply it.

Which diseases in children applied cream advantan

Some children are born with allergies, the first manifestations of which usually develop on the second or third month of life in the form of atopic dermatitis (before the disease was called exudative diathesis).Atopic dermatitis and edema on reddened skin areas appear small vesicles with clear or bloody content.Bursting, they form areas soak, next to which adjoin dried brownish crust.If to this inflammatory process joins a bacterial infection, the child's condition deteriorates further.A child with atopic dermatitis is very restless, not sleeping and breastfeeding, is lagging behind in the neuro-psychological and physical development.

On the second or third year of life, these effects usually disappear and are replaced by the phenomenon of neurodermatitis.In the region of the folds of the skin appears tight swelling, redness, small rash, severe itching, peeling with plenty of scales.During exacerbation of the skin of the cheeks, neck, elbow bends and elsewhere thickened skin becomes dry, it can be seen on the distinct dermal pattern.Children worried about severe itching.Subsequently, atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis may be transformed into other allergic diseases, for example, bronchial asthma.

in children and contact dermatitis.In contact with any skin irritating substance and shows the swelling, redness, and fine bubbles with clear content.If contact occurs with substances that cause allergies, developing allergic contact dermatitis.Thus all inflammatory elements in the skin are the same as in simple dermatitis, but they appear immediately, but after some time.

When skin manifestations of allergies in children allergy in children - how to help your child? Allergies in children - how to help your child? advantan often prescribed a cream.

creams advantan acts on children

0,1% advantan cream is used to treat adults and children.It includes a main active substance methylprednisolone (1 g of cream contains 1 mg of active substance, which belongs to the glucocorticoid Drugs - SCS) and adjuvants which help the main penetrate the skin.Cream, ointment differs from that in its composition less fat and more water.

advantan cream is quickly absorbed into the skin of the child and acts locally, getting into the skin cells.Advantan inhibits the formation of prostaglandins that contribute to the expansion of small blood vessels and stimulates the action of adrenaline on blood vessels, which they sharply narrows.This leads to rapid removal of edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause , redness, itching and pain.

How to apply cream advantan childhood

Cream advantan apply to children after four months only on prescription.It is applied to the affected skin with a thin layer of the child once a day.Do not apply the cream to very large areas of the skin: the child's skin breathing is much better developed than an adult.Moreover, too high dose may have Advantan overall effect, including give side effects.

duration of treatment of the child shall not exceed one month, otherwise it may begin to manifest side effects of this drug, both local and general.

Contraindications Do not apply the cream advantan tuberculosis skin TB skin - a rare form of the disease TB skin - a rare form of the disease and any viral skin lesions.This will contribute to the spread of infection.Especially dangerous is the use Advantan varicella and herpes in the child (eg on the lips).

can not apply the cream advantan and if around the mouth of the child has irritation of the skin (dermatitis), as well as increased sensitivity to the body of the child and the age of four months.

As shown side effects

If the cream is applied correctly and advantan courses prescribed by your doctor, you are usually no side effects arise.In rare cases, the baby's skin may appear redness, burning, itching and blisters with transparent contents.

If you apply the cream properly, very long time (over a month), then there are local side effects such as atrophy of certain areas of the skin, the appearance of stretch marks on it - a consequence of the fact that under the influence of Valium breaks down protein collagen fibers, they are reduced in volume andtorn, forming white stripes - the striae or stretch marks.On the baby's skin in places of permanent long-term application of the cream can appear white spots, spider veins Vascular Stars - a sign of several diseases Spider veins - a sign of several diseases and so on.

Cream advantan applies to children only on prescription.

Galina Romanenko