Seasonal allergies in children: Causes and Treatment

seasonal allergies children Even if your child is not yet able to speak, you can still notice the symptoms of allergies.To help them, you need to reduce exposure to allergens and give the child medication that the doctor advises.

allergy - it's too sharp reaction immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults on the substance harmless to the body.Immunity takes the allergen for a hazardous substance and produces antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers , to get rid of unwanted" invasion ".

Seasonal pathogens

spring, during the flowering plants and trees, pollen gets into the air - one of the most common allergens.Particularly troublesome for people with allergies, dry windy weather - when pollen is spread quickly throughout and avoid contact with it is almost impossible.In the autumn the number of allergens in the air naturally decreases.


The most common manifestation of seasonal allergies - allergic rhinitis Rhinitis: a runny nose - is seriously Rhinitis: a runny nose - is quite serious .During an attack of allergies in children begins runny nose, watery eyes If your eyes are watering - the emergence of the problem and its solution If your eyes are watering - the emergence of the problem and its solution , lays his nose so that he has to breathe through the mouth.


Pinpoint allergens allows a special test: the child is introduced under the skin of substances that may be allergens, and look at the reaction of.Redness and swelling indicate an allergy.


necessary whenever possible to reduce the likelihood of the child's contact with the allergen.Your doctor may also advise reception antihistamines (substances that limit the production of histamine, causing allergic reactions).Do not give your child the usual non-prescription drugs for allergy, without first talking to your doctor.