Claritin children help to cope with allergies

Claritin children Claritin - a drug that suppresses the symptoms of allergic reactions.Allergic reactions may be different, but in any case they are accompanied by swelling and itching.After a single use Claritin swelling and itching disappear in the night.

allergies in children

allergic diseases in children develop in violation of immunity or innate imperfection.The body of a healthy child in response to ingress of any foreign particles (antigens) produced by special blood proteins - immunoglobulins or antibodies, which are glued together with the antigens and eliminate them from the body.In case of violation of the immune system begins to produce too many antibodies and the body produces increased amounts of substances that contribute to the development of allergic reactions, including histamine.Recurring allergic reactions contribute to the development of allergic diseases in the child.

In some cases, a child is born with a hereditary allergy or atopy, which appears first in the form of exudative diathesis diathesis in children - an integrated approach Diathesis in children - an integrated approach in infants (correct as atopic dermatitis).But after a few years it may go in a different form (eg, in the form of allergic rhinitis).Sometimes, the child develops multiple allergic diseases such as hay fever and asthma.

Congenital allergic rhinitis Rhinitis: a runny nose - is seriously Rhinitis: a runny nose - is quite serious appears the child after two - three years.Acquired allergic rhinitis usually develops with frequent colds - formed an allergy to an infectious agent.And if at first developed an allergic reaction to infectious agents, over time can cause allergies, any other antigens (home and book dust, particles of skin, fur and feathers of animals and so on).Thus the antigen can enter the body of the child not only by inhalation but also through the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., dietary), the skin and mucous membranes.The substances that cause allergies can be a long time in the nasal cavity, having a negative impact on the entire body of the child, making allergic rhinitis one of the most common allergies in children.

How does Claritin allergic diseases in children

Claritin - it is anti-allergic drug that is allowed to take the children after two years.It blocks histamine receptors N1- and does not allow the latter to cause allergic reactions.One of the main manifestations of allergic reactions is swelling, appearance of serous discharge and severe itching.After taking Claritin these symptoms persist or do not appear at all.

Children Claritin is available as a syrup in bottles.Upon receiving the syrup into klaritin starts to operate in half an hour and this action persists for days, however it is sufficient to take once a day.

Which diseases and how to assign children Claritin Claritin

administered to children with allergic diseases and allergies, including atopy.After two years, one of the most common allergic disease is allergic rhinitis, which can occur year-round or seasonally, during the flowering herb - a disease called pollen allergy or hay fever.Claritin is well relieves nasal congestion, sneezing and itching in allergic rhinitis.It is prescribed to children from two to twelve years of age weighing 30 kg less than one teaspoon every day, more than 30 kg - two teaspoons once daily.Children over the age of twelve appointed adult dose - two teaspoons a day.

The same dose of the drug is prescribed with other allergic diseases.For example, neurodermatitis, which proceeds to two years of atopic dermatitis.

Claritin can give a child when he developed an allergic reaction to an insect bite or showing signs of allergic contact dermatitis.

Assign children Claritin Claritin - histamine receptor blocker Claritin - histamine receptor blocker and acute infectious and inflammatory diseases - it removes swelling of the tissues and prevents the development of allergic reactions that often accompany an infectious-inflammatory processes.

In some cases, children should not be prescribed the drug

Babies should not be prescribed Claritin if you are sensitive to it and the body of the child under the age of two years.With care and individually selected dosage prescribed Claritin for liver and kidney, accompanied by dysfunction of these organs.

Side effects and overdose

Pediatric side effects while taking Claritin is lower than in adults may appear headache, nervousness, weakness, nausea, abnormal liver function, and allergic reactions, alopecia.

Claritin overdose is manifested in increased side effects.In this case, the child is recommended to wash the stomach with a weak solution of common salt (ideally - saline) and give activated charcoal to take Activated carbon - old but indispensable Activated carbon - old but indispensable .

Claritin syrup will help to remove or reduce allergic reactions in children.

Galina Romanenko