Smecta for children - to help in intestinal infections

smectite children One of the main problems in pediatrics is the treatment of an intestinal infection.This is especially true of intestinal infections of viral origin, such as rotavirus or intestinal flu intestinal flu - rotavirus infecting the intestinal tract Intestinal flu - rotavirus infecting the intestinal tract , since the effective antiviral drugs for the treatment of these infections do not.

problem of intestinal infections in children

intestinal infections in children more severe than in adults, of whatever origin they may be.They appear nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever.At the same time the main danger is the loss of body fluids from vomiting and diarrhea so severe intestinal infection in children intestinal infections in children - a serious danger Intestinal infections in children - a serious risk usually treated in a hospital.

Intestinal bacterial infections can be treated with antibacterial drugs, and viral intestinal infection that's much more difficult to treat.In recent years significantly increased the number of cases of rotavirus infection in children.Rotavirus was found relatively recently, in the seventies of the last century, but today they caused infection is one of the most common, especially in the offseason.

manifested rotavirus infection Rotavirus: the prognosis is favorable Rotavirus: the prognosis is favorable vomiting, diarrhea, watery stool, abdominal pain and impaired general condition due to intoxication.In severe rotavirus infection due to frequent vomiting and loose stool rapidly increases dehydration.

source of infection is a sick man, as the disease is transmitted by contact (dirty hands and objects) and airborne (with rotavirus oftencough and runny nose).Getting in the human body, rotavirus introduced into the cells of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, which are located on the top of the villi.This disrupted the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients, decreased activity of intestinal enzymes, increases intestinal peristalsis.All this causes nausea, vomiting and watery stools.

disease duration from two days to a week, but after the recovery of external child for some time is infected with HIV and can be contagious to others.

Smecta in treatment of rotavirus infection in children

Smecta - a natural adsorbent, which is obtained from certain types of limestone on the island of Sardinia.Avilable budget allows it to selectively absorb certain substances.So, smectite Smecta - necessary in any medicine cabinet Smecta - necessary in any medicine cabinet perfectly adsorbs and removes bacteria, viruses, toxins and their products of incomplete decomposition of carbohydrates that cause fermentation in the intestine (fermentation products are especially characteristic of rotavirus).At the same time Smecta regulate water-salt metabolism, as it does not remove from the body the necessary minerals.

Furthermore, smectite penetrates the intestinal mucosa, it increases the formation of the protective layer.This leads to the fact that the wall of the bowel becomes more resistant to any damaging factors.One such damaging factors are rotaviruses, which penetrate the cells of the intestinal mucosa and propagate there.During clinical studies it was found that smectite greatly restricts penetration of rotaviruses through the protective layer of the intestinal mucosa.

Today there is no effective treatment for intestinal infections of viral origin.Therefore, pediatricians adopt taken enterosorption method, that is binding and removal of harmful substances from the intestines.Moreover, from the gastrointestinal tract output pathogenic viruses, bacteria and their toxins and other biologically active substances, which has a multifaceted therapeutic effect on the entire organism.

Therefore, the treatment of rotavirus infection in children is often used smectite.In severe disease with high fluid loss of a child, it is often combined with intravenous drip of saline solutions.

The best effect is obtained when the smectite is assigned when the first signs of the disease.This can even lead to breakage of the disease or to make it easier to flow.

smekty When using a short course, it usually has no negative effect on intestinal microflora and is well tolerated.

How to give your child smektu

To prevent side effects (eg, constipation) smektu children prescribed in the form of fractional acceptance by dissolving it in water, juice or any baby food.Powder contained in the sachet are dissolved in 50 ml of any liquid which gets child.When this powder was gradually added to the liquid and mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous suspension.The resulting suspension is partitioned into several doses throughout the day.

Children under one year give the bag a day, from one to two years - one or two bags, more than two years - two or three bags.

Galina Romanenko