Skin irritation from diapers - tips on skin care kids

skin irritation diapers tips skin care kids What can a dirty diaper is even worse?Finding underneath irritations.But do not worry - most of the cases easily cured in a few days.Parents may be concerned about the child's skin irritation, but it is not dangerous.This problem occurs in about a third of all babies.To make a diagnosis, treat, and prevent a recurrence should learn more about the disease.

How to determine skin irritation

This is exactly what you do not like to see parents: red swollen skin.This malaise is widespread in children aged four to fifteen months.In addition to redness and swelling in the area of ​​diapers, you may notice that the child is often capricious, especially when you are changing a diaper or touching a sore spot.

Although most symptoms of irritation is limited, and the problem can be successfully treated at home, contact your doctor if your child has a fever, blisters, sores, if the rash spreads throughout the body of the affected skin or pus.

What causes skin irritation at the child

skin irritation have many possible causes, usually "guilty" by several factors.

  • Antibiotics.If a child or a nursing mother taking antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? , can develop skin irritation.If you suspect that the cause is the case, discuss treatment with your doctor.
  • new food.About four months, children begin to try new food, they have changed the frequency and stool consistency, and it can cause skin irritation.Also, products that consume a nursing mother may cause.
  • skin reaction.Can irritate baby's skin soap, which wash his or detergent which wash his clothes, or a certain type of diapers or wipes.If your child has sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care Sensitive skin: causes and care or appeared irritated by diapers, try using flavored funds intended specifically for infants.
  • Also, irritation can cause too tight diapers.
  • urine and feces.Moisture and ammonia contained in wastes can cause redness and irritation.Try the baby as little time spent in dirty diapers.
  • Heat.Warm clothing and a plastic shell exterior diapers can noticeably increase the temperature and the concentration of moisture under the diaper, which creates ideal conditions for the bacteria that can cause skin irritation.Try to keep the baby does not overheat and has always been dry.
  • bacteria.If the cause of skin irritation - it is the bacteria, you may notice a pale yellow crust or small pimples on the skin surface.In such cases, antibiotics are needed to treat, consult a doctor.
  • fungus.Sometimes it can cause irritation to fungal infection of the skin.In this case, you'll notice a bright red rash or tiny pimples on the edge of the affected area.These same symptoms you notice in the folds of the skin of the baby.
  • sensitive skin.Irritation is more often in children with sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis or eczema Eczema - barely treatable Eczema - is difficult to treat .


Although skin irritation under the diaper can be uncomfortable, it is usually not a serious illness and can be treated with medicines and OTCchanges in swaddling the baby.Prolonged irritation can be treated with drugs that doctor prescribes.

  • OTC.If the child is more than four months, using such means as soon as you notice the symptoms of skin irritation.Although medicines have various shapes, it is best to use ointments and creams, and not liquid form.Especially effective products that contain zinc oxide.If you are not sure whether the vehicle is suitable for your child, consult your doctor.
  • Tools prescription.Usually irritation passes after a few days of treatment.If no improvement is observed, or the condition worsens, there are blisters and fever, call your pediatrician.The doctor will examine the child and determine the cause of skin irritation.Your doctor may prescribe a mild detergent with hydrocortisone Hydrocortisone - a drug that could save the life of the patient Hydrocortisone - a drug that could save the life of the patient or antifungal agents.If the child is less than eight weeks, consult with your doctor about any skin irritation.


Unfortunately, one case of skin irritation often leads to the next.But prevention can help avoid discomfort - you need only make a few changes in child care.

  • Change diapers in a different way.Change diapers as often as possible, so that the skin does not remain damp.The child's skin is recommended to wash with warm water, then allow to dry and leave the air for a while, from this irritation will be faster.Before putting on a new diaper, check whether the baby's skin dry.
  • Change brand diapers.Try a different size, shape and other manufacturers to find a more suitable diapers.Diapers larger give freedom of movement and reduce friction against the skin.Do not use scented detergents, soap, wipes, especially those containing alcohol.
  • No polyethylene.If you use cloth nappies, or wrap them in anything.
  • apply the cream under the diaper.If a child often appears irritated, apply sunscreen every time you change a diaper to avoid skin irritation.Vaseline and zinc oxide - time-tested components that are part of many creams for diaper.

irritation from diapers usually resolves in a few days.However, if no improvement occurs or gets worse, contact your doctor.It will determine the cause of the irritation and help you choose the treatment.