Enterosgel for children - can be applied to the first month of life

enterosgel children Enterosgel can take a child of any age, but only as intended and under the supervision of a pediatrician.This is especially true of infants.This needs to know every mother, she can not independently give your baby any medicines, including such security as enterosgel.

Enterosgel at acute poisoning in children

Acute poisoning in children happens quite often.It can be poisoned by poor quality food, medicines grandmother or any other toxic substances.

If signs of acute poisoning the child should immediately call an ambulance, and as she goes, try to wash the baby stomach.To do this, he needs to drink one - two glasses of water and pull out the contents of the stomach.Drove an ambulance if necessary, may continue flushing.

But if the child's condition and severe abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms very strong, then wash out the stomach alone is not worth it.This can be done only after the ambulance doctor examined the child and eliminate acute surgical pathology, which can easily be confused with poisoning.And only after that it may recommend acceptance enterosgelya.

particularly dangerous when receiving enterosgelya ileus - it will increase the stagnation of feces and obstruction of efforts, while some types of bowel obstruction can be eliminated with the help of cleansing enemas (they, of course, carried out in a surgical hospital).

In acute intestinal infection

acute intestinal infection caused by various microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa) that produce toxins.Occur some types of acute intestinal infection Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer very hard, with high fever, vomiting and diarrhea.In this case the child needs urgent help.

treatment of the child can be carried out as an outpatient and inpatient - depending on the severity of his condition.In any case, the removal of intoxication doctor may prescribe enterosgel.This drug is good to cleanse the bowels of pathogens and their toxins, mucus and inflammatory products.Clean and baby's blood - through the membranes of the capillaries located in the intestinal villi.

course, when intestinal infection enterosgel appointed as part of a treatment.In order that he gave the body of other drugs, it is necessary to observe the rules of medication: enterosgelya between the reception and the other medications must be at least two hours.

Enterosgel can be administered after an acute intestinal infection for bowel cleansing Colon Cleansing - How to put an enema? Colon Cleansing - How to put an enema? and prevention of dysbiosis.In this case, it is recommended to combine with taking probiotics - drugs which contain beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines.You need only do not forget about the two-hour interval between taking drugs.

In allergic diseases

From the first months of a child's life can manifest in the form of congenital allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin? Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin? .Atopic dermatitis (before it was called exudative diathesis) begins with symmetrical rash on the cheeks and buttocks of the child.With each passing day the number of eruptions increases, resulting in the whole child can be covered with oozing crusts that are very itchy and very disturbed.Often to the allergic process joins a bacterial infection, and then the child's condition deteriorates further.Atopic dermatitis If left untreated, it may eventually go to other allergic diseases, for example, bronchial asthma.

treat atopic dermatitis complicated.Often in the complex treatment courses prescribed enterosgel that displays the body of food allergic and inflammatory processes.It can facilitate the child's condition, including reduced inflammation and itching.

Bronchial asthma, chronic asthmatic bronchitis and treated using enterosgelya which prescribe a course as part of comprehensive treatment.

Enterosgel in other diseases in children

Enterosgel can be applied at any diseases that are accompanied by general intoxication.He certainly will improve the child's condition, as the bowels and blood of toxins.Apply enterosgel with severe kidney and liver dysfunction with these bodies, in chronic inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract and respiratory tract, chronic cholecystitis and so on.But in all these cases enterosgel appoint a doctor as part of a treatment and in view of the general condition of the child.

Enterosgel allowed to take a child of any age, but for the purpose of the attending physician.

Galina Romanenko