Baby diaper rash: the main thing - do not overheat!

baby diaper rash baby is thin and fragile skin, which, however, has excellent resilience.These features contribute to children's skin as the rapid development of diaper rash and the accession of infection and rapid restoration of normal skin condition with proper care.

Why baby diaper rash may occur on the skin

Intertrigo - is inflammation of the skin folds, is caused by the friction of the contacting surfaces of the skin, irritating skin products influence secretion and other body exudates.The emergence of diaper rash in infants, especially in newborns, contribute not only to the physiological characteristics of the skin of children of this age (a thin surface layer, easy irritability and vulnerability), but the infrequency of the toilet skin, overheating of the child, long-term use of diapers or tablecloths, insufficientobsushivaniya skin folds after bathing, laundry, or use the cradle with rough stitches and so on.Pprelosti occur more frequently in children suffering from exudative diathesis diathesis in children - an integrated approach Diathesis in children - an integrated approach , skin allergies, frequent diarrhea diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance .

signs of diaper rash in children

under mechanical (cloth diapers or clothing), physical (humidity and heat), chemical (irritation from feces and urine) and bacterial (accession infection) effects on the baby's skin in the groin-bedrennyh mezhyagodichnoy and folds, interdigital folds feet, armpits appear red, towering above the skin patches without marked boundaries (I degree), then these folds are formed in the surface of the skin disorders such as cracks, abrasions, erosions (II degree).When

III degree chafing the expressed moknutie entire surface wrinkling which leads to rejection of the surface layers of the skin to form extensive erosions and ulcers.Children become restless, difficulty falling asleep, poor sucking, behind weight and psychological development.

Complications children diaper rash

flow of diaper rash can be complicated by the accession of infection (infectious diaper rash).Most often it is a different kind of streptococci, at least - the yeast Candida.Infectious oprelosti different distinct jagged boundaries formed by a narrow collar exfoliating the stratum corneum, a tendency to peripheral growth, presence around the hearth spotted vesicular (vesicles with clear content), pustular (pustules) lesions and persistent chronic course.Later infectious diaper rash can be transformed into microbial eczema Eczema - barely treatable Eczema - is difficult to treat .

children diaper rash treatment

When I oprelostyah degree sometimes simply to establish proper skin care of the child.To care for such a child, instead of cloth diapers is better to use diapers as they have less skin gets wet, but you need to change them on a regular basis, before each feeding, or after a bowel movement.After each defecation child should wash away with running water, then carefully dry the skin soft diapers and lubricate the skin with olive oil or boiled ointment, suspend further irritation of the skin (eg, desitinom) and the introduction of infection into it (this can be done with drapolena).With strong soak the skin can use powder consisting of 98% talc and 2% dermatol.

child also need to keep often deployed to the skin dries and does not hurt.

If the skin of the child badly damaged, then restore them, you can use an ointment such as D-panthenol, Bepanten Bepanten: protecting the delicate skin Bepanten: protecting delicate skin , which contribute to the restoration of the skin.Good help and ointment, combined, have a regenerating and antibacterial properties, such as Bepanten plus.

How to avoid chafing children

Preventing diaper rash is to comply with the rules of hygiene of the skin and removal of irritating factors contributing to their development.The child must be thoroughly under running water to wash away after each act of defecation, bathing every day, be sure to thoroughly dry the skin and skin folds soft diaper, and then lubricate the crease or boiled baby cream with olive oil.

No way a small child can not overheat: children under one year is easier to tolerate the cold than the heat.Therefore, since the birth of children is not recommended to tightly swaddle - that tight swaddling is often the cause of children's diaper rash.

Prevention of diaper rash is the correct breastfeeding the baby, which contributes to the formation in his gut normal microflora, which is much less irritating to the skin of the child, hitting her with feces.

Galina Romanenko