Likopid children that can be assigned at any age

likopid children Imperfection immunity in children often leads to the oft-repeated colds, acute respiratory viral infection and the development of chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases.To help in all these cases could only strengthen the immunity Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system , for example, using licopid.

Features immunity in children

immunity of the child begins to develop in utero.But for the first month of life all the links are usually depressed immunity, and protect the body of the newborn antibodies transferred to him by his mother.The immune system of the baby matures gradually, experiencing at the same time a number of critical periods.

To child matured immune system in a timely and correctly, it is necessary nutrition, food with a sufficient amount of protein (protein without immune cells are not formed), carbohydrates (energy source, without which the other exchange can not exist), fats,vitamins, macro- and microelements, which are part of enzymes, hormones and other biologically active substances involved in the formation of the immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? .

great importance is the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, it is in the intestines is the bulk of the immune cells.Therefore, the formation of the normal intestinal microflora of the child is emphasized.Children frequently and chronically ill with chronic infectious-inflammatory diseases are often given anti-bacterial agents, and therefore almost always have the intestinal dysbiosis, and impaired immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults .

In this case, to increase the immunity of the child shall be appointed by probiotics - drugs, which include bacteria - the natural inhabitants of the intestine.And in order to quickly restore the immune system, assign different immunomodulatory agents, which include, for example, likopid.

How likopid acts on the body of the child

Likopid - is a synthetic drug that is a piece of the cell membrane of almost all bacteria.Immune cells, which should deal with infectious agents, very well "aware" of such bacteria and exhibit an increased sensitivity to them.On the surface of immune cells have special Likopid sensitive receptors, which allows the latter to act on the immune cells.

licopid Under the influence of the immune cells responsible for cell-mediated immunity, are beginning to more actively absorb and dissolve infectious agents.Cells are activated and that are responsible for humoral immunity, they rapidly produce antibodies.All in all it contributes to the overall improvement of immunity.

Likopid is absolutely safe drug that can be used at any age, including the neonatal period.

In some cases, children prescribed likopid

Likopid administered to children with acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases, which are accompanied by a decrease in immunity.It can be used in the neonatal period, when the child's own immune system is depressed.Likopid prescribed for broncho-pulmonary, gastrointestinal, genitourinary infections in newborns with sepsis, with septic complications after surgery, etc.In all these cases, it is administered 500 micrograms (one half of mg tablets) twice a day for a week.The required amount of the drug is dissolved in a teaspoon of boiling water and give drink to the child.

Since the year and up to 16 children with infectious and inflammatory diseases (in the acute phase or remission) likopid prescribe a course of one tablet (1 mg) once daily under the tongue for ten days.

likopid applied in the treatment of acute and chronic viral diseases.It can be used in children, who often suffer from colds and acute respiratory viral diseases.But more likopid used for chronic viral infections - herpes and hepatitis.Both of these infections are prone to prolonged recurrent course.Likopid will help prevent recurrence of the disease.

the treatment of herpes infections children after a year likopid appoint tablet (1 mg) three times a day for ten days.In the treatment of chronic hepatitis likopid administered at the same dose for 20 days.

In some cases, children likopid contraindicated and side effects

Likopid contraindicated in children only in case of hypersensitivity to its components the body of the child, at a high temperature, and if the child suffers from autoimmune thyroiditis Autoimmune thyroiditis - thyroid disease Autoimmune thyroiditis - thyroid disease (infectious-allergic disease of the thyroid gland).

Because of side effects, allergic reactions (rare), and the temperature rise at the beginning of treatment (fever runs independently and does not require the abolition of licopid).

Galina Romanenko