Candidiasis in children: under the close supervision of parents

  • candidiasis in children: under the close supervision of parents
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candidiasis children Most often candidiasis in children manifests itself in the form of thrush.Therefore, parents should inspect the daily oral mucosa infant baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger to time to begin treatment.When time begun treatment Thrush usually passes quickly.But if left untreated, the candida can spread to other organs.

Why the child can begin candidiasis

In young children (a yeast infection most often in infants) immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults still immature and the body can not always fightinfection.In addition, the oral mucosa in infants is thin, relatively dry (salivary glands are underdeveloped), very vulnerable, her constantly emerging microtrauma, which are the gateway to enter the body of fungi, both outside and its own members to the structurepathogenic microflora is constantly dwelling on the mucous membranes.Therefore, children under one year is often candidiasis of the oral mucosa.It contributes to this and what kind of Candida fungi grow well on this medium, like milk.

particularly susceptible to candidiasis premature infants weakened by any illness, including with perinatal brain lesions, rickets Rickets - all a matter of vitamins Rickets - all a matter of vitamins and so on.Children who are bottle-fed sick thrush more likely than infants, being breast-fed, firstly, because they do not get mother's milk of protective antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers , and secondly, artificialmixtures are often too sweet and it contributes to the formation in the oral cavity environment conducive to the development of fungi genus Candida.

The main thing in this case - time to notice the symptoms of thrush and begin to treat the child, not to let the process spread.

How does candidiasis in children

Thrush oral mucosa may manifest itself in the form of small white, easily removed raids on the mucosa of the inner surface of the cheeks, palate, lips, gums, tongue.With the spread of redness and swelling of the mucous membrane, which is plaque, white spots are shot are not so easily and can bleed after removal, because they are formed by the small erosion.

In severe cases, a white cheesy coating completely covers the mucous membrane of the mouth, tongue and gums, can move to the palatine tonsils, back of the throat, a red border of the lips and corners of the mouth.Plaque is very strongly connected with the mucous membrane, and if removed, the underneath form sores.

When lung during candidiasis child's behavior does not change, but in severe forms it becomes capricious, not sleeping, not eating, and consequently, lose weight.

candidiasis in children can manifest itself on the skin.This is particularly evident in the natural folds of the skin - inguinal, mezhyagodichnoy, armpits, in the neck.In these areas you can see the redness of the skin with sharp edges, the skin gets wet, weeping whitish epidermis surrounds the lesion.Around the large hearth may be the so-called screenings - small foci.In some places the center is covered with layers of whitish cheesy, cracks, and sometimes - bubbles and scaly patches.

genital candidiasis in children is also a frequent phenomenon.Thus on the genital mucosa formed curdled same attacks, as in the oral cavity.The mucosa swells, turns red and starts to itch, it is very concerned about the child.In marked genital lesions child becomes very restless, bad eating and weight behind.

Candidiasis may extend further - the gastrointestinal tract and the blood to other organs.Almost always, in this case kidney damage.Severe disease is defeated fungi of the genus Candida membranes of the brain.Meet and generalized (multiple lesions of organs and tissues) forms of candidiasis in children which occur very hard and require intensive treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment

Mild thrush clearly visible during the inspection and do not usually require laboratory confirmation.But the heavy, especially generalized forms necessarily confirmed by laboratory tests.This involves seeding scrapings on nutrient media in order to identify the infectious agent and its sensitivity to various antifungal drugs.

treatment of mild forms of yeast is usually limited to the use of external funds.Babies after each feeding mouth wipe cloth soaked in a 2% solution of soda (a teaspoon soda bread on a glass of water).If a child srygnul, then after that the mouth it is treated as a soda solution.Mother same solution handles the breast before feeding.In addition, the mouth of the child can be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.After the oral mucosa lubricated aqueous solution of methylene blue or aqueous iodinol diluted with water at the rate of 1: 2.

kid sure all utensils thoroughly washed and boiled.In milder forms of yeast that is quite enough.

Severe candidiasis treated in hospital anti-fungal drugs.

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