Arthritis in children, when the joints are affected

polyarthritis children Although arthritis - inflammation affects several joints at the same time - is considered a disease "adult", the main symptoms of arthritis can occur in children.Inflammation of the joints at an early age can be due to various reasons - from disturbances of the immune system in rheumatoid arthritis to psoriasis on the background of psoriatic arthritis.

idiopathic arthritis in children

idiopathic arthritis What is arthritis - when it hurts everywhere What is arthritis - when it hurts everywhere , or arthritis, the cause of which is not revealed - the most common form of arthritis in children, which causes inflammation of multiple joints simultaneously.Idiopathic arthritis in children at an early stage diagnosis is difficult - often the first symptoms appear, unrelated to inflammation in the joints.This may be a general feeling of malaise in the child, the symptoms are similar to cold symptoms (such as fever), lack of appetite, lethargy, drowsiness.With the development of inflammation appear distinct arthritis symptoms - redness and swelling of the affected joints, pain.Pain and inflexibility of the joints, especially in the morning or after resting, are often the main symptom, based on which the diagnosis.Idiopathic arthritis in children most often affects the joints in the knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, small joints of the fingers and toes.To diagnose the disease, in addition to the analysis of the characteristic symptoms, a blood test is used, allowing to exclude other types of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

rheumatoid arthritis in children are usually diagnosed after the onset of characteristic symptoms by using special blood tests for antibodies.If the test results are positive and show the presence of antibodies to cyclic citrullinated peptide confirmed rheumatoid or seropositive polyarthritis seropositive arthritis: possible serious joint damage Seropositive arthritis: possible serious joint damage .This type of arthritis is considered an autoimmune disease and requires immediate treatment, as accompanied by considerable damage to the joints.In the absence of proper treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in children can cause serious damage to the joints and impaired motor functions (for example, with the defeat of the small joints of the fingers and wrists baby hardly uses his hands).

Psoriatic arthritis

Another form of arthritis in children is rare - Arthritis Arthritis - variety of forms and complications Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications , hitting several joints at the same time developing on the background of psoriasis, and in some cases the symptomsindicative of inflammation in the joints can occur before the symptoms of a skin disease.Psoriatic arthritis in children is accompanied by characteristic symptoms - pain and joint swelling, redness of the skin, in rare cases - the deformation of joints.Most often, this type of arthritis affects the joints of the fingers and toes, wrists, feet.


Most types of arthritis, in children, are considered to be chronic - the attacks of the disease can be observed for several hours or days,after which symptoms disappear.Certain medicines to help once and for all cure arthritis in children, there is, however, modern medications help to substantially slow down the development of the disease and to prevent irreversible joint damage.

To suppress the first signs of arthritis in the next attack of the disease are recommended or standard anti-inflammatory painkillers, or, in rare cases, steroid injections (as a rule, such injections are shown only in those cases where it is impossible to suppress the symptoms of other methods).To prevent the further development of arthritis and joint damage causing deformation, special antirheumatic agents, neutralizing the release of substances that provoke inflammation.Treatment of fever in children should begin immediately after the confirmation of the diagnosis - in general, the effectiveness of treatment depends on how quickly it starts.This is especially important for this form of arthritis in children, as rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis - permanent debilitating joint pain Rheumatoid arthritis - permanent debilitating joint pain .

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